In the Name of Allah, the beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The tragedy of Tsunami Earthquake devastated a vast area of Tidal belt of the Indian Ocean and killed about two hundred thousand people of the affected areas, apparently having no fault of their own. This is a very shallow understanding of the gravity of the situation. Man by nature soon forgets his own sins and tries to find out the fault elsewhere. Here in this case, he is attributing this tragedy to “callousness” of the Creator and Sustainer Himself. But the issue is very simple to understand. It is a matter of simple logic. Generally speaking, people raise the following questions and the same I have received from the readers of my Editorial comments of this human tragedy in Weekly Muslims.


The “innocent” questions that are constantly raised are very simple: Is God Merciful? Why He destroyed the poor along with the rich? Is God cruel? Has He no sympathy with the suffering poor?


These questions arise simply because due to misunderstanding of the universe and the principles on which the affairs of this cosmos are managed by the Creator and Sustainer.


The Creator and Sustainer of this universe hates cruelty and injustices under any circumstances and wants only justice to prevail in this world and in the human society. That would have been possible only when His given Divine system is in enforce everywhere in the human society. But, in fact, it is no where visible and for this missing phenomenon both the rich who are controlling the affairs of this globe through their secular nationalist system and those who are being exploited one way or the other are to be blamed. Both are the "criminals" in the eyes of Divine Justice. One by enforcing the manmade laws and system, filling the earth with bloodshed, injustices and disbalances in every walk of life The other by keeping silence, helping the ruling class and dominant societies to exploit the world for their shortsighted games and vested interests. 


So it makes no difference who is the greater "criminal". One is active and the other is passive. Divine Laws and system are being ignored, sidetracked and neglected by everyone and none is trying to hold the hands of the oppressors. Both the developed and the underdeveloped are at fault. The rich and the poor both are the creatures of God and, as such, both must be carrying out His will in their respective domain. If a calamity falls anywhere on the surface of this earth both the “criminals” will have to pay the price of their disobedience to their Lord and causing disbalances in human society. Both the factions, instead of pointing their fingers to their Sustainer, should and must point it to themselves. Had they been following His Divine Guidance meticulously, the world would have been experiencing a different treatment from their God, quite contrary to what we are witnessing today all around the world. 


It reminds me a Hadith Qudsi [a Hadith that is narrated by Allah Himself is called Hadith Qudsi]  God asked the angle to turn over some habitation upside down due to same crimes that are being committed today throughout this world, irrespective of the fact whether it is developed or undeveloped country. The angle found a very pious person in that habitation. He went back to God and reported that there is a man who is totally devoted to You and is always busy in your worship and remembrance. God directed the angle to go to turn the habitation first on his head and then the entire habitation upside down because when the Divine rules were violated, ignored and ridiculed was there any  wrinkle of disapproval on his face. [By keeping silence, he became part of the game and hence he must be punished first]


This Hadith must be an eye opening lesson for all who raise such “silly” questions as quoted above without least considering what we all are doing and how we are behaving on this earth that does not belong to any one of us howsoever great he/she may be and we have no say in its physical administration. Equally, we are violating His Moral laws that could keep the human society in balance. It is the normal phenomenon that exists almost in every continent of the world. We all are “culprits.” With what face we “expect” mercy from our God Who has constantly been reminding all of us through “small” natural calamities [warning signals] like flash floods, brush fires, tornados, cyclones, earthquakes, heavy down pour, land slides and what not but we don’t take any lesson form them by just attributing them to acts of “mother-nature,” the most irresponsible phrase that the mockery of man has invented to deceive himself and his fellow human beings day in and day out.


No, God is not cruel.  God is merciful, beyond our imagination but we could not prove ourselves worthy of His infinite mercy. "Fataberu ya Ulul Absar" Only the people of wisdom will take lesson from it.



Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                                                  

January 17, 2005




































Gentlemen - The Tent of Abraham, Hagar & Sarah





I wish your “call for peace making” would have been a genuine campaign. Unfortunately, your approach is partial and concocted. It does not present the true picture of the state of affairs of the region. 


* You are ignoring, among the causes, the “state terrorism” and “preemptive” wars on fake stories being perpetuated in the heart of the Middle East.  Will your partial or one-sided approach ever help in resolving the issue of peace and security of Israel or of the region?


*. You are ignoring the human sufferings both of Palestinians and the forcefully “ejected” Arabs who are denied even an honest living condition in their homeland.  Who will listen to you if you do not stand for justice to all?


*.Your historical presentation is lopsided: Your captioned add says: "Abraham.... he sojourned, …and to Mecca …where he visited." Is it not the concealment of historical truth? It was not a visit but Abraham left his wife, Hagar and his first born little son, Ismail in the solitude of Makkah... What for? Was it not to habitat the progenies of Prophet Ismail for re-building the house of Allah in “Haram” and develop a new generation of monotheists after the collapse of the house of Prophet Jacob [Bani Israel]? Stand for truth and your cause will have good response.


* Does the Sojourn of Abraham, as presented in the captioned add, not cover the same area that represents your dream land of "Greater Israel"? Will its emergence not sabotage the peace of the countries that are covered under the map that is engraved on the forehead of your parliament in Tel-Aviv? Be sincere to your “call” , the world will love you.  


* What peace can you bring in the region, if you cannot live in peace with your own people, the Palestinians; meet their human rights, thereby presenting a model to others? Start justice and peace from "home," world will acknowledge it with equal response.


* Return of the forcefully “ejected” Palestinian is the acknowledged bone of contention between the two “factions” for long. They want to return back to their “own” land but you all are refusing this rightful claim. What rights you have to do so? If you do not fight for their legitimate rights and do not learn to live together in peace, from where they will get justice and how?


* How far will you continue to persistently deny seeing the world beyond your own nose? Would you look into your own charge-sheet of "crimes" against "your" God, "The God of Israel" and repent? "Respect and peace" are the rewards from Lord God when humans behave honestly for His pleasure. It cannot be acquired by "threats", intimidation, coercive means and arms twisting of "others." Be honest and peaceful to others, peace will come to you in its wake.


* In fact, Jews, Muslims and Christians can live together in peace, provided they all follow Prophet Abraham and struggle jointly for the "Kingdom of God" on earth, the only way to bring Justice, peace and security not only in the ME but in the entire world.


* If you resolve to work on this line, you will get the support of the entire Judeo-Christian-Muslim community around the world. It would then resolve the issue of Palestine and restore perfect "security" to the state of Israel. Only friendship with Muslims, not Christians alone, can “re-shower” peace and security to the “sufferings” of Jews for centuries together. Your own history stands as a testimony to this fact. Can you deny it?  If not, will any body trust your "empty" words?


* Will you re-set your “call for peace” in the light of what I have very painfully pinpointed above?


* Can you present these assertions to PM Sharon for negotiations with the newly elected Mahmud Abbas, the President of so-called Palestine for the forthcoming political parlies?  This is the surest way to Peace.


My best wishes are with you and your sojourn to peace negotiations for the “Free” State of Palestine and a “secured” Israel


Your well wisher 


Shamim Siddiqi.

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