In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful






1.  Allah’s Tradition about Guidance, The Greatest Need of Man;


2.  Iman Billah & Iman Bil Akhirah - Concept and Scope:

     * Talluq Billah, * Ekhlas fil-Amal, & * Tawakkal Alallah:  Three Driving forces in

        Mumin’s life?


3.  Concept of Amanah & Its Significance in Life


4.  Kalama Tayyebah– The Revolutionary Political Slogan of Rasulullah (S) – A



5.  Concept of Ebadah – Scope, comprehensiveness & Sequence in life;

                                       - All are the means to remember Allah not an end




7.  Iman, Islam, Taqwah, Ehsan [Abudiyah] – The Progressive stages of IMAN

                                                          - A’mal-e-Saleh – Reflection of True/perfect Iman

                                                          - Taqwah –   The Essence of this cosmos

                                                          - Ehsan –       The desired climax of Iman

                                                          - Abudiyah – The Zenith of human emancipation

                                                                                * Allah loves it


8.  Infaq-fi-Sabeel-Allah – The Barometer to Judge the closeness to Allah;


9.  Islam is a Deen, a Movement and not religion – Its comparison with other Systems


10. Social, Economic & Political System of Islam;


11. Concept of Justice, Peace & Human Rights, including minorities in Islam;


12. Rights, Privileges and Status of Women in Islam in comparison to West


13. Essence of a Muslim life: Sabr & Shukr; Fear & Hope; Azimah & Tawakkal Alallah


14. Concept of Falah & Khusran in Islam – What is the ideal?


15. Characteristics of a Mumin’s life


16.  Understanding Basics of Fiqh: Ethics of Taharah, Salah, Dress code, Halal &

                                                            Hara’m & Eating code, etc.


17.  The Mission of Rasulullah (S) in the light of the Qur’an & Seerah (S)

       - How he (S) accomplished it in his (S) life time?   AND

       - How can we accomplish it in today’s world?




18. Dawah & Its Basic Needs?

       * A team of committed Da’ees to begin with – The nucleus 

       * A platform for collective efforts;

       * Basic Dawah literature on:  Tawheed, Akhirah, Amanah, Risala

       * A comprehensive Dawah Program – both for Muslims & non-Muslims;

       * An effective Tarbiyah Program for Training future Da’ees/Muslim leadership;

       * Funds to cater Dawah Needs;

       * A proper process of Evaluation at every stage & every project


19. What is Dawah Ilallah? – An Organized, a Determined and a Continuous effort to

                                                  call the people unto the fold of their Creator & Sustainer;


19. Who are our addressees and how to address them?


20.  What are the “dos” and “don’ts” of Dawah Ilallah?


21.  Building Team of Effective Da’ees in American Perspective by Fulfilling these

       Five Requisites:

       i. Acquiring the working knowledge of Islam at the least on the lines stated above;

      ii. Knowing the country, its people and their problems with Islamic solution;

     iii. Preparing themselves as its model;

     iv. Sacrificing time, talents and resources for its sake to maximum possible extent;

      v. Becoming active integral part of an Islamic Movement [as DI is a collective

         effort] if it exists. If not, making every effort to build the IMOA.


22. Understanding Challenges to Islam and Muslims in the Context of Modern world.


23. How to Present Islam in the context of the Modern world?  [A Challenge]




       * Regularly studying a leading daily News paper of the country

       * A national Magazine;

       * Study of the USA’S History, Geography, Constitution, Resources, Issues and

          Problems & Islamic Solution’

       * Following developments of world events & Muslim World visa vise USA



     A. Individual Dawah contacts at personal level with Muslims & Non-Muslims


     B.  Group Dawah Contacts: In selected areas: at Public places; Arranging Dawah

           Tables in Park, market places, at thorough fares, and at campuses; in cooperation

           with Mosques; * Open Masjid Meetings


C.     Involvement in social works:*Rendering humanitarian services at personal level

      and in group where possible; *Participating in Block activities; *visiting Churches

      and mosques etc;



V. PROGRAMS OF SELF-DEVELOPMENT:  * Practice speeches; * Participation in

          Dialogues; * Preparing for Qur’anic Studies; * Addressing Friday sermons etc.

          * Expending in the way of Allah



Shamim Siddiqi                                                                       June15, 2006/ April 15, 07




[NOTE: Similar simultaneous efforts are essential in each Muslim land to build the requisite Team of Da’ees every where on the same lines as the need of time to get the Fate of Ummah Resurrected as a whole. It must be a global effort.]