In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


There were a lot of expectations from his speech, especially in the Muslim world. However, he could not go beyond the “eternally” fixed agenda of the USA to protect Israel, the illegitimate child of Western hegemonies supplanted in the heart of Muslim world, irrespective of the fact whether its behaviors are right or wrong. President Obama strictly adheres to it. That is evident form his every gesture and beautifully coined phrases. Barak Obama is surrounded by "Ahley Yahud and Ahley Hanud" and he cannot think beyond the ken of their mortal prejudiced sight and vision which is nothing but blurred due to “anti-Islam and anti-Muslims prejudices of centuries together.


Definitely, he had spoken some fine words of gestures towards Muslim and he received wide applause for that from his audience. That was the art of his eloquence and the demand of the situation in which he was speaking. He vehemently advocated that Muslims must give up “violence” [even if they are butchered and tortured at the hands of America and its allies every where in the name of their false and concocted “War against Terrorism”].  


His speech was full of empty exhortations. However, owever,one thing was clear that he was sincere in his approach but the historical backlash of US foreign policy is “killing” him all around. If he cannot change the genesis of Americas so-called “paramount” interest to protect the State of Israel – right or wrong, the sheet anchor of its domestic and foreign policies, he cannot do any good to the Muslim world. UK created this world-class nuisance though Belfour Award in 1917 and the USA became its ultimate champion. It has destroyed the face of America in the Muslim world and will continue to damage its image for years and decades to come, if it does not change to: “justice for all and malice to none.”       


President Obama simply wants to get the Muslim states gathered together around the Peace proposal of King Abdullah for providing a safety "plug" to Israel and a free market to her booming war industry and commercial products along with providing massive support to American market economy. Equally, he is out to scare the surrounding Muslim states against the rightful emergence of Iran as a legitimate Nuclear power in the midst of expanding nuclear technology and where Israel is the most potential threat to world peace. 


I don't expect any "Khair" [good] for Ummah to come out of his apparently innocent "gestures" towards Muslim countries. We should not live under any illusion or nurture any day-dreaming and expect any thing new from “Mubaraks, Abdullahs, Zardarieas and Karzais” of the Muslim world. They are the declared stooges of Uncle Sam and will soon be harping upon Obama's tunes. Obama exhorted them to be more “open and democratic” for their societies. It will fall apart on the deaf ears of these sitting tyrants and usurpers.    


In fact, under the condition elaborated above, his hands are "tied", his lips are "sealed", and his eloquence is "shallow" due to aforesaid far-reaching, pre- determined and unrealistic commitment that the USA has given to the permanency of the Zionist State, in the heart of Muslim world. That will always keep the mind of Muslim youth agitated and igniting them to “revenge” and “retaliate” against the oppressors and the occupiers of their holy land. His only agenda behind his flawless speech was to get Israeli State. recognized by the Muslim world, deter Iran from its rightful nuclear ambitions and that too for the safety of the Jewish State and get the Muslim world market opened “free” for the both. The rest was his cosmetic touches here and there to please the ever-increasing appetite of Muslim world nurturing “false” hopes that his forefathers belong to a Muslim clan which he shattered at the very outset declaring that he is a “Christian”.


Thus, in the fitness of the matter it must be emphatically emphasized that President Obama must FIRST do justice with all the profusely bleeding lands of Muslim world before asking Muslims to be the partners of his "peace" efforts. He must clearly understand: "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. Let us see where he stands today:


* Kashmir is bleeding fast for the last 60 years under the ruthless tyranny of Indian occupation and the USA is its best friend but keeping mum;


* Chechnya is hardly pressed under the oppressive rule of Moscow for centuries together but both America and Europe are just its silent spectators;


* The Land of Quds stands occupied by Zionist regime with the open sanction of European and American hegemonies whereas its legitimate habitants are wandering like “destitute” in the neighboring countries for the last 60 years. America has even no words of sympathy for these innocent “wanderers” ousted by Jewish forceful occupants of their land in Palestine;


* Taliban  has nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11 but Afghanistan has practically been ruined by American bombardment and is occupied by America and its Allied forces with no intention to vacate it in near future – a totally unbearable situation by proud Afghans. Their pure blood is boiling against the occupiers while watching hopelessly and helplessly the killings of their innocent men, women and children daily in scores and fast destruction of their Islamic and traditional values at the altar of valueless America modernism;


* American interference in the in the internal affairs of Pakistan is growing fast, especially in its frontier region where air attacks by drones are increasing and killing innocent Muslims daily in scores. Who will pay the price for that?  More than three millions refugees from Swat and Lower Dir are living in utter disparate condition due to direct sequence of false episode of “War against terrorism – who will bear the burnt of their curses? The movement in Pakistani masses is fast growing: “GO AMERCA GO” – providing the USA a mirror to see its “disgusted” face. 


* The destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and their respective refugee problems are the direct outcome of the misconstrued tragedy of 9/11 that America is pursuing blindly against Muslims around the world without ascertaining for the least through any judicial process: WHO DID IT & WHY? The entire war against terrorism is false and concocted. It is nothing but a total war against Islam and its values howsoever President Obama may deny it. He is unfortunately pursuing the misguided policy of Bush - Blare and could not get rid of it. How then Muslims can be his “camp-followers”?


* Muslims in the Central Asia, especially in the Province of Sinkiang of China are equally suffering for decades but the USA never said a single word against the atrocities being perpetuated against innocent Muslims of these lands and their notorious heads of these sates all are enjoying America’s good wishes.


The list of Muslims’ tragedies in Asia, Africa, Europe and America is limitless and pinpoints that FIRST America  & Europe must learn to live in peace with justice with others and understand that the people fighting for their human rights are  not terrorist at all.  Those who FORCED them to resort to armed struggle for their human rights and occupied lands are the real culprits and are the declared terrorists and they must be "hanged" first on the gallows of history to get the abode of man CLEAN for Justice and PEACE.


At this juncture, President Obama must understand that this cosmos is running under the principle of “Cause and effect”. World cannot relish peace unless the causes of tension as shared above are removed for good.



I humbly request our honest and sincere President Barak Obama to turn his “guns” of "morality" first to the arrogant nations of Europe, America, and Asia and tell them unhesitatingly to vacate the Muslim lands forthwith.  If he can do it, posterity will always remember him with pride and honor till the Dooms Day. The world will then live in peace and security including our brothers Jews who always enjoyed the traditional hospitality of Muslims throughout their Diaspora.



Shamim Siddiqi

June 5, 09