In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Parliamentary Elections were held in Palestine last week on January 24, 2006 and the pro-Islamic party Hamas won with a landslide victory by capturing 76 seats in the house of 132, enabling it to form its own independent government shortly. Seventy eight percent of the registered votes were cast. The Elections were peaceful, free, fair and transparent by all the standards as confirmed by Ex-President Jimmy Carter of the USA who was the chief of the team of International Observers. This confirms the view that I expressed in my Editorial comments of Muslims, NY on November 28, 2005 under the caption:Elections in Egypt – What it connotes?” I would like to share its paramount theme with the readers: 


“This shows that democratic process is very much akin to Muslims as a faith for a collective body and whenever they get the chance they adhere to it whether it is Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Egypt.” The trend has continues as demonstrated and confirmed by the Muslims of Palestine. [Interested readers may visit the Website: and go through the article under Section “C” - the Muslim World to understand the trend that I have elaborated therein]


If President Bush and the “freedom” loving people of the “enlightened” world are interested and serious in the outflow of “freedom and democracy” in the Middle East and North African countries, they must “force” the tyrant-undemocratic regimes of the Muslim world to hold fair and unfettered elections forthwith and wither away, the only way to regain peace and security in Asia, Africa and around the world. It is the open challenge to the secular leadership of the world, especially its advocates, President Bush and PM Tony Blair. But see how “hypocritically” these so-called democratic countries and their “freedom-loving” leadership, both of Europe and America are reacting to the miraculous success of Hamas in Palestine?  


They all, including SG Kofi Annan, are unanimous in their demand that they will not negotiate with Hamas and its government unless it recognizes the “disputed” State of Israel, gives up its arms and the “politics” of violence. They have already threatened to stop all the financial help to the State of Palestinian so that it fails right at the very outset. However, the governments of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries have appealed to the Leadership of Europe and America to accept the legitimate results of Palestinian Elections and continue their financial support. The Government of SA has openly confirmed that it will continue its financial support to the Government of Palestine and asked the leadership of Hamas to be realistic to the ground situation of the area. The people of Palestine, through the recognized process of democracy, have given their clear verdict in favor of Hamas to lead the destiny of its people and the democratic world have now no choice but to accept it and deal with the leadership of Hamas with open hearts in the sate of peace and not of  threats, intimidations and confrontation. Only a peaceful cooperative dialogue will pave the way in persuading Hamas to be gradually “accommodative” to the existence of Israel. The Israeli State, in its best interest, must give a free trial to the concept of friendship and cooperation and see the miracles of brotherly attitude.


The elected Hamas leadership ship is highly educated and well conscious of the situation. They all are talking sense and are desirous to live in peaceful co-existence. Fadel Saleh, a Hamas politician from Ramallah clearly declared: “Hamas wants cooperation with all Palestinian parties and a national agreement on policy”. The other successful candidates like Ahmad Mubarak would say: If Israel pulled back to its 1967 boundaries, Hamas would consider a long time truce” [Ref: NY Times dated January 27, 2006]. The leadership of Hamas appears to be in reconciliatory mood and it would be in the best interest of Israel to be just and realistic and give up their mood of “arrogance”. They must know that they cannot have peace and safe borders unless they offer the “olive branch” to Palestinians who are sufferings indescribably at their hands beyond any human imagination since the promulgation of Balfour Award in the wake of First Great War of 1914-18. Israelis must learn that the so-called “support” of the West will only prolong the cold-blooded war in Israel, increase the sufferings of Palestinians and negate the peace process till doomsday as it is one sided and ignores the legitimate rights of Palestinians.


The success of Hamas in Palestine is a God-gifted “opportunity” for Israel, rather the “last” chance to live on the basis of two states living side by side in peace and harmony. They have got their “promised” land as they “claim” and should be contented with it. Any “greed” to grab more Arab lands will be an invitation to self-destruction. Perhaps the ailing Prime Minister of Israel, Aerial Sharon realized the shortcomings of the impossibilities Zionist “dream” of Greater Israel, resolved to quit Likud, established the new party Kadima and live within its current secured boundaries surrounded by high concrete walls as the “Greater Israel” could be had only on the dead bodies of millions of people on both sides or never. The emerging of Iran as a mini Shiia-superpower with nuclear ambitions is bound to create stumbling block in its way. Equally, the Muslim world would never accept this Zionist fantasy.  A reconciliatory approach from the Israeli leadership, at this juncture, will encourage Hamas leadership to think and plan to live together in peace.


The “peace process” now lies in the hands of Israel and Hamas and not in Washington, London or Oslo. The historic success of Hamas has changed its directive and sensitiveness altogether. The leadership of both should give up their hard-line attitude against each other and think like humans as how to mitigate their centuries old sufferings in the name of Crusades perpetuated and thrust upon this sacred land of Qudus by bigotry of papal leadership and prejudiced Church where the Jews and Muslims were no party to the repeated onslaughts of Europe and its combined forces time and again. Unfortunately, these forces have again joined hands to prolong the tragedies of both the communities in the name of “peace”.  In fact, Christian world is not “interested” in the peace of ME but keeping it in a perpetual state of turmoil, limbo and in their “pawns” of exploitation deeply engraved in its oil-rich-economy. Israelis know this game very well and, therefore, must now extend the hands of friendship to Hamas and Hamas, as it appears, will grab it with an open heart of a Muslim. Such opportunities come rarely and Israelis should not miss it. Christian world was never “friendly” to them nor is today. Israel must refuse to be used as the “police state” of Euro-American hegemonies. Let them grab this opportunity lest it becomes too late. It would solve one of the thorniest issues of global politics. It would be possible only if Israel thinks “standing” on its own legs and not on the false “crutches” of Washington, London or Paris that fish only in trouble waters. Centuries old history of Euro-American colonization confirms it.


Shamim Siddiqi

February 1, 2006