In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


General Elections are going on in Egypt. It began on November 9 and will end on December 1, 2005. Those candidates who could not get more than 50% votes in the first round are to participate in the run off elections. In these elections, the independent candidates of the “outlawed” Muslim Brotherhood have secured substantial seats to claim the second largest party in the Egyptian parliament with already captured 72 seats in the House. In the third and final stage of voting that is going to take place on December 1, Muslim Brotherhood is likely to get some more seats, enabling her to consolidate her position in the secular set up of sixth time “elected” President Hassni Mubarak. This success is over and above the restrictions, intimidations and threats that have been persistently being created against Brotherhood’s candidates. Elections, thus, were neither free nor unfettered or transparent under any international standards. However, by virtue of this success, Ikhwan will be able to put up their candidate for the Presidentship of Egypt in 2011.


It transpires that as and when the Muslim masses are given a “free” chance to elect their representatives to the elected bodies, they would love to go to be “democratic”. They have no taste for dictatorial regimes that have forcefully “occupied” their lands at the behest of the so-called “democratic” West. Algeria is another Muslim country where it was proved beyond any shadow of doubt that they loved democracy and succeeded with overwhelming majority in the first tier of elections early in the last decade. Had their election results not been voided and denied the elections of the next tire by unholy alliance of secular military Junta from within and anti-Islamic forces of Europe and America from outside, Algeria would have emerged as a flourishing and a respectful Islamic democratic country by this time. Its derailed political system could not be restored so far. There is a total chaos in the country and even repeated grant of general amnesty by the ruling Junta could not make any difference...


America’s own experience of “restoring” democracy in Afghanistan and in Iraq shows that when the Muslim masses, under “whatever” circumstances are given the chance of electing their representatives for democratic institutions, they have “welcomed” it and participated in it with great enthusiasm against all odds and perils. Whatever might be the form of elected government, Muslim masses have a natural taste for democratic process. Whenever there are more than two Muslims traveling together or working on any “Amrun Jameun” [collective programming] they chose their head and work under him as a team. This is the collective spirit of the Muslim Ummah.  Even temporarily, while traveling they will elect an Amir or an Imam through consensus and follow him with reverence. This shows that democratic process is very much akin to Muslims as a faith for a collective body and whenever they get the chance they adhere to it whether it is Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Egypt. Al-Qur’an confirms it: “wa Amruhum Shura bainahum” (they resolved their issues with mutual consultation) Ref: Verse 38 of Chapter Al-Shurah]. In fact, having Shura or “Mashwarah” among themselves is a very refined form of consultation far superior to the eternal and inherent “minority” rule of the Western democracy.


The greatest Da’ee Ilallah, the most effective reformer and the most constructive Islamic thinker of his time, Late Maulana Maudoodi (RA) told at the time when elections against General Ayub Khan were going on in Pakistan in mid sixties: Islam was the father of Pakistan and democracy was its mother. Pakistan came into existence with the collaboration of both. This is a very challenging statement for President Bush to think that basically Islam is not against democracy or democratic process. It is interwoven within the Islamic system of life but it needs only a sincere heart/will and an unprejudiced mind to understand in all fairness. Wherever Islam will come, it would come through democratic process and in its wake, the fundamental human rights that Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (S) have guaranteed will automatically be established in the body politics of the Islamic state, assuring to humanity at large that there will be no act of terrorism on earth and only peace and security will prevail all around.


Now it is the responsibility of Brothers of Ikhwan and the torch bearers of Islamic Movements elsewhere in the world along with the Islamic scholars of the USA and abroad to call for a MOOT in Washington, DC, invite President Bush to be its Chief Guest and thrash out in the presence of secular scholars and representatives of different governments of Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America that Islam is not what they have understood through the misguided propaganda stunts of the vested interests and invite each of them to join hands together and share the common agenda of Islam to promulgate Justice and Peace around the world. It would be a gigantic step towards world peace and order and “perhaps” the USA is most “desirous to attain. It would be a test of sincerity of the world leaders who cry for “peace and security” day in and day out, are “ever-determined” to fight for the cause of democracy and human rights but only promote “state terrorism” and nothing else.


Brothers and sisters who are really serious in this respect must approach the Muslim world to contribute for such a MOOT physically, financially and morally. If we succeed in holding such an International get together in Washington, it would be a red-letter day for the Abrahamic faiths and its followers. President Bush will get his life-long “dream” fulfilled and, therefore, he must welcome it in helping and making the abode of man a “Cradle of Peace and Security” for all. And only under such environment our ever-agitated and “tarnished” Jewish Community will get an order to live in peace with other fellow human beings.


Is it not a move worth considering and pursuing for all of us – Muslims, Christians and Jews? If the case is so, I request each of you to think, plan and act at local, national and international levels to the extent possible by each.



Shamim A Siddiqi

November 28, 2005