In the Name of Allah, the Magnificent, the Merciful


[Shamim A Siddiqi]

·         1.Message of all Prophets of God is the same - Form Adam to Mohammed (S):

·         Allah is our creator and sustainer : We must be obedient to Him- always to follow what He commands to do and keep away what He prohibited us not to do;

·         He created this cosmos and what it contains for all human’s Physical needs & urgency: Then He sent Humans to earth as his vicegerent and trustee of what we see and possesses and not as Master. As such, we all are Accountable to Him after death [both the Messenger what he delivered and his people for the manner we used them on earth: To be rewarded by God if used them for benefit of mankind and to be punished by Him if used for destruction/Debasement of human society.

·         The model to follow is the life pattern of the Messenger of time. Prophet Muhammad (s) is the last Messenger to humanity and will continue to be so till Doomsday.

·         To call humanity to the fold of the Creator and Sustainer till we breathe the  last; 

2. The Job assigned to the Messenger: Ref: Verse# 129 of Al-Baqarah:

1. Presentation of the Book: 2. Teaching/Explaining the Book with wisdom; 3. Purification of his followers- both thought process and character building; 4.  Presenting his own life as the Model & Establishing a Model society/State for humanity to follow till Doomsday. [Ref: Verse #125 of Surah Al Nahal + 41:33]

3. Messenger’s Accountability & that of his Ummah to whom he was sent: Verse #109 of Surah Al-Maidah: “On the Day when Allah gathers together the Messenger and saith: What are your response (from mankind)? They say: We have no knowledge. Lo! Thou, only Thou are the knower of the things hidden.”

·         The Messengers will be asked: have they delivered the Message properly. Then his people will be asked: How they responded to the call of the Messenger [Ref Al-Airaf #7:6&7]

The Domain of Accountability from the followers of each Ummah: 1. How for you obeyed your God and fulfilled His rights upon you:


1. Have you followed what He commanded to do and where you disobeyed or failed to follow Him? [The followers must know his Do & Don’t];

2. How far you kept the trust He placed in your hands honestly as Amanah and where you failed to do so and misused it – including your Time, Talents, Energy & Resources?

3. How far you invited the people of your time and delivered the Message of GOD to other people [the humanity] as the Messenger did to you?

·         Our success on the Day of Judgment depends on our correct answers that O My Lord! I did what you ordained me to do through your Messenger. Only he/she will enter into Jannah. The rest will be thrown into Hellfire.


      1. What a horrible Day it would be when you alone will be standing with your scroll of deeds in your hands before your Lord Who knows all about your ins and outs and all and everything will be witness against you including your body parts. Its importance can be envisioned for the following event.

2. One day Rasulullah (s) asked his (s) beloved companion, Abdullah Bin Maswood (RA) to recite the Qur’an for him (S). He responded: Should I recite the Quran to you when the Quran was directly revealed to you? Rasulullah (S) asked: You recite to me. Hearing this, Ibne Maswood (RA) started reciting the Quran from Surah Al-Nisa. He was of one the best Q’uari of the Quran and when he reached to verse #41: “But how (will it be with them) when We bring of every people a witness, and We bring thee [O Mohammed (S)] a witness against these? Rasulullah (S), realizing the horrible reality of that Day was crying like anything. Seeing his condition IBNE Maswood (RA) stopped recitation.

References from the Quran:* Surah Al-ASR; Surah Luqman: 17. Surah Al-Hadeed: 25; Surah Al-Surah: 15; Al-Saf: 9; Surah Al-Fathe: 28; Al-Maida: 116 to 118: [Request you all to study all above noted Verses from Tafheem or Tadabbur whatever you have]  

6. WHAT IS DAWAH ILALLAH – THE INTENSIVE DAWAH WORK? It is to call the people of the land to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer in a continuous process till he or she accepts the Deen of Allah as the only Way of file. It is a disciplined and organized effort. It is a person to person contact on individual level to thrash out the individuals who stand with us and who are deviated. Those who stand with you absorbed them into Jemaah and went on increasing their numbers till the circle envelopes an Electoral Constituency to enable you to send your own representative to the National and Provincial Assemblies as it is suitable.



1.      All the above Qur’anic References give due emphasis over the task of Dawah Ilallah to the people of the land where one lives and the humanity at large at Global Level. Without this homogenous Dawah efforts, Allah’s Deen cannot be established NOW anywhere on this earth.


2.      In the context of modern world the USA must be its focus point to begin with. The Muslims of America have an enormous responsibility on their shoulders as the USA is the Epoch Center of modern Jahiliyah as the Makkah was at the time of Rasulullah (S). He (S) started the IM of his (S) time from Arabian Peninsula, As such, today’s Muslims must organize the IM of the age form the USA – the Epic Center of all modern evils and vices. It will be all Khair. The Way Allah’s Nusrah Came as promised by Him in Verse # 69 of Al-Ankabut. Similarly, the Nusrah will come to us assuredly when we will start a genuine effort in this age – a challenge for ICNA. Our MGA’s have to accept this challenge, the only way to get into Jannah in the context of modern world.



3.      It will give a great boost to the back home Movements which are bogged down in the wake of the tragedy of 9/11, the collapse of the Arab Spring and the constant interference of secular world in Muslim countries.  This will be the Game of Rebound – playing in America and reaping the harvest in Muslim lands.


4.      It will usher in the era of building ultimate Global Islamic Movement to fulfill the Ba’sat-e-A’lami of Rasulullah (S) which is long due upon all living Muslim men and women being the Ambassadors of Rasulullah (S) at large [Reference to my Book: “Global Islamic Movement – Why & How,”] available on my website:



5.      ICNA’s MGA’s have to play a great role in this process as the pioneers of the Muslim Renaissance to begin with from our Land of Opportunities as the Khair for humanity at large.


6.      Equally, in its wake, the USA and its people will get an enormous chance to play as the Savior of mankind with Muslim Ummah as a whole when we all will stand together for Justice to all and malice to none.

7.      It is imperative on all of us that we must stand together to play our role in remodeling this human abode and carve out a place of eternal pleasure in Paradise that is destined for a Muslim and Muslimah who lives and dies for this supreme honor in both the worlds and the cost of immense sacrifice that we have to pay with the Tawfeeq of our Allah (SWT) and we have to beg for it with every passing moment of our life.


8.      Ameen! Allah Hummah Barik Fe Hey.  May Allah (SWT) bless our will to fulfill our determination, to seek the best of both the worlds!


Shamim A. Siddiqi



Date: February 17th, 2016  [Final]