In the Name of Allah, the compassionate, the Merciful



[Through the process of Building IMOA]


Mohtram Kaukab Bhai,   ASA


Shukrun wa Jazakallah for your positive response.


You are right. Alhamdulillah, I am equally busy if not more as you are. However, as written earlier I took pains to read New Trend as it ought to be. You are fighting for the cause of the oppressed at home and all around the world as your Resolutions surmount comprehensively.  That is fine and I appreciate it very much. It is the echoing sounds of our desperate situation that has engulfed Ummah every where.  May Allah bless your efforts for at least ventilating our bleeding wounds to public opinion.    


That is the political agenda of Islam. It is the reflection of Islamic system of life that stands for Justice, freedom of thought and expression, unity of mankind, respectability for human rights that are being denied by the oppressive regimes throughout the world. Islam upholds the human rights irrespective of the fact who is committing, where and how. It is the corner stone of the foreign policy of the Islamic State and , therefore, it must come into existence soonest to augment your fight against Zulm and oppression every where.


Just please think, has there been an Islamic state anywhere in this world, how vigorous, forceful and effective these calls would have been when the State would have champion the cause of the oppressed? It is that missing fundamental factor that I am advocating for us to undertake as there is no Islamic State on earth. Though efforts are going on for its establishment for the last 80 - 90 years in different parts of the world but its attainment still appears to be a distant dream. None of us knows the will of Allah and His planning.   


Kaukab Bhai, the basic ingredients for the emergence of an Islamic state are three:


1. The Guidance or the Scheme or the Blue print;

2. The trustworthy leadership to implement that plan and stands as its model;

3. The land where to establish Allah's Deen as a POLITICAL entity.


* Rasulullah (S) got the Master Plan from Allah (SWT) in bits and pieces in 23 years in the form of the Qur'an;


* He (S) himself undertook the task of building that requisite team of trustworthy workers [we call them Sahabah out of reverence] in ones and twos - getting 124 from Makkah in 13 years, 63 from Aus and 173 from Khazraj of Madinah through the magnificent Dawah efforts of Musab bin Umair (RA), constituting the team of trusted leadership of his (S) time,


* Simultaneously, he (S) was always in search of land to build the HQ of the Islamic Movement, He (S) sent his (S) trustworthy Sahabah to Ethiopia in search of that. He (S) himself went to T'aif but could not succeed as you know. Allah (SWT) managed it from Madinah. It was His planning. Madinah became the HQ of the Islamic Movement and then that of the Islamic State.    


Now we have:


* Guidance" completely intact in its most original and perfect from;

* We have the "land" - so-called 57 Muslim countries;   BUT

* No trusted, disciplined and organized Islamic Leadership, except some sporadic leaders here and there.


The leadership can now be build ONLY through the process of building the Islamic Movement of America [IMOA] on the pattern Rasulullah(S) BUILT the Team of his (S) time.  That is the basic and the prime most Job of Ummah at this juncture.


Evaluation of present situation: The Islamic Movements around the world took it as their prime agenda at the very outset but after some time all were bogged down with the day to day affairs of Ummah and the problems created by our adversaries and the occupiers of the Muslim world and thus we lost its emphasis.  This need is their still on their agenda in the name of Tarbiyah and Tazkiyah but the output is very minimal in comparison to numerical strength of each country. As such the on-gong Islamic Movements could not succeed anywhere so for. This is not only one reason of their set back but it is the prime most factor.


Here too in the context of America this work is neglected. All the leading Muslim organizations are oblivion of this basic need to fulfill towards the revival of Muslim Ummah. I have no idea how far you have succeeded in building this team of Da'ees in American perspective. If you have done it may Allah give Baraka in it manifold!  If not, we have to undertake it as our Priority # One  


This team  of leadership that we are to develop through the IMOA will have the following characteristics, rather, the IMOA will help in inculcating the following qualities of heart and mind in each of its worker to lead the destiny of Ummah and that of mankind in this  millennium.  


1. Clarity of vision that Islam is a Deen, a Movement and NOT a religion at all as Judaism and Christianity have become, develop extreme love for it and nurture an ever growing conviction that it is going to succeed one day come what may.


 2. Getting working knowledge of Islam: Each worker gets the working knowledge of Islam and understands well its socio, cultural, ethical, moral, economical and political system in comparison to other prevailing systems of life. The IMOA will teach and help them on regular basis to be fully conversant of each department. Of knowledge


3. Knowing the country well: Each will know the country, its people, their problems and Islamic solution. His or her understanding will be better than a Congressman or a Senator.


4. Building trustworthy Character: IMOA will build a trustworthy and dependable character in each of its worker who will be able to take a stand on any public issue and not succumbs to it under the pressure of Batil;


5.  Inculcating Sacrificing Spirit: The IMOA prepares each of its workers to sacrifice, time, talents, energies and resources for its Ideals, the Objectives and the Programs under each and every pressure and all circumstances. He or she learns to live by that. 


6. Works collectively: He or she is always totally inclined to work COLLECTIVELY for the attainment of the objectives and ideals of the Movement.  Struggling hard for the  Iqamah of Allah's Deen is fundamentally  a collective effort and whole Ummah is to work for it, if Allah's  Deen is not found anywhere in a dominant  position. 


Kaukab Bhai, such team is needed to be built in American perspective. It is not the least difficult job at all. The model, the process and methodology to build that team is their with us in the life pattern of Rasulullah (S). You can have its glimpses in my book: "Methodology of Dawah" on my Website or I can mail it to you if you so desire.


If the Ummah and its current leadership like you are not coming forward to accomplish this monumental task, the fate of Ummah, God forbid, will never revive. Allah (SWT) not only sent the Guidance but a Rsul along with His Guidance just to show us how to establish His Deen on earth. Time has changed but not the methodology and the process as how to build that TEAM and establish Allah’s Deen on earth. His (S) model is with us in its most perfect form.


This is what I wanted to communicate with you as the clarion call of time. You have an infrastructure. You just need only re-orientation. It will augment your efforts globally. The movement will prepare the ground work in this country, provide a rainbow of workers of different background,  add a lot of political muscles in due course and provide you an opportunity to build a public platform of the people, for the people and by the people. Just please think over it.


Alternatively, if you are not willing to disturb your on-going programs and political agenda, you give a call to build the IMOA and Insha Allah, all Islam loving people around the country will respond spontaneously to your CALL except the few vested interests whom you know very well.


May Allah bless you good healthy, stamina and Tawfeeq to rise to the occasion to accomplish either of the two requests and that needs a resolute action only.


Shukrun wa Jazakallah


Shamim Siddiqi

August 14, 09