[Shamim Siddiqi, New York]


Here the Deal is fishy. It is not between the killer and the aggrieved but with the force of Governments and intercession of Saudi King offering big ransom money in millions of dollars. There were two issues involved in this case.


1. A person who was an "illegal" entrant in the country and possessing unauthorized weapons, on a broad day light kills intentionally two citizens of Pakistan on flimsy grounds on a thorough fare. He is arrested red handedly. The superpower of the time applied all the unethical pressures to get him released but couldn't succeed as the public opinion was totally against his release. The culprit was under trial. The outside governmental pressures manipulated the situation for his release but failed in front of public pressure.


They have no choice but to go to Shariah Law as it was in their favor. They apparently prevailed upon the family of the aggrieved people and coerced them to agree to accept huge ransom in millions of Dollars. The poor families succumbed to the uncalled pressure of governments and agreed to his release against the payment of Ransom. They gave the statement of acceptance in the court in Jail and within an hour or so, the captioned prisoner was released from jail, flown to Afghanistan by a military helicopter and he is now on his way to the USA.


2. He was an illegal entrants in the country, possessing a lot of unauthorized weapons and was an agent of CIA. The honor and prestige of the country was expressly involved and he should have been tried separately as the spy agent of a foreign country. The entire country was in favor of it but the interests of the ruling click in Pakistan were in jeopardy. As such, they all became party to the case and were maneuvering for his release one way or the other by hook or by crook.


* The release of Davis is a crime against the country. It has tormented and violated the honor and prestige of the country which stands sold for a few million dollars. The Supreme Court of Pakistan should take notice of this gross neglect on its own accord and call the Regime to justice and bear the consequences of their shameful act of neglect.   


*It was a crime against Shariah Law which has been used very improperly. The Shariah gives permission to the  aggrieved to pardon the criminal against Ransom so that the wounds are healed, enmity does not continue and the compensation money may console the hearts and feelings of the aggrieved. Here in this case "consent" came from out side pressure, the kings, the Presidents and the so-called democratic governments have equally committed a crime against Shariah Law. Who will put them on trial?


* This release represents a case of total cowardice and that of coercion applied by Pakistan Government, Saudi Government and that of the USA through lucrative means and the families involved exposed the game as just by BBC Evening News of today that the wife of a person killed by Davis was crying and saying loudly that "she "will not accept the Ransom money adding: "It will not bring back my lost husband. I am ruined for ever". It must not be forgotten by anyone that the wife of other victim has already committed suicide as she couldn't bear the loss of her husband killed intentionally by Davis.


* Islam has equally allowed taking "KASAS" [revenge] in stead of Ransom money. Has this case not become of open "coercion", Davis would have paid the cost of revenge by going through the legal proceeding to the gallows. The Qur'an keeping the human sentiments of the aggrieved majestically commands: “And there is life for you in revenge or retaliation, O men of Intellect, so that you may have [developed] Allah- consciousness" [Verse # 179 of Surah Al-Baqarah]   


*The learned scholar of Ummah around the Muslim world must sit together and decide wither the use of coercive means to get the aggrieved party accept the Ransom by outside forces as stated above comes within the per view of the Qur'anic provisions or it TANTAMOUNT to denial of justice to the aggrieved parties?


* Can the Islamic Parties of Pakistan can accept this outcome as a fate accompli or agitate the people to rise against the Government of Islamabad? Allah has provided the best opportunity to establish the Rule of Shariah Law in the body politics of the country or miss it for ever?  



March 16, 2011