In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


It is not the first indecent outrageous behavior of the Western media. They are in the habit of doing so since the birth of printing press and media means.  When its stalwarts want to express their centuries old hate against Muslims and Islam, they hurl  most disgusting slur against the most beloved, the most blessed and the most perfect model character of Rasulullah (S). The secular world  does it purposefully: media through painful writings, Christian zealots and orthodox Jews through irresponsible utterances and artists through drawing pictures and cartoons against the personality that only had given love and taught equality to mankind. He (S) struggled for the whole of his (S) life to deliver justice to human society. In fact, both Jews and Christians could never reconcile with the birth of Prophet Mohammad (S) in an Arab’s tribal society. They were expecting his birth as the last prophet of Allah in their fold, especially the Jews as the prophet of Bani Israel. However, Allah’s planning was quite different. He appointed His last Prophet in the dynasty of Bani Ismail, the first born son of Prophet Abraham (AS) in the Quraish of Makkah. Since then this “jealousy” and the campaign of hate is going in the family of Bani Israel and, I am sure, it would continue till doomsday.


Muslims around the world, in stead of showing their anger in violent demonstration, burning flags and embassy buildings should have behaved in the manners Rasulullah (S) reacted to most treacherous and outrageous behavior of Kuffar, idolaters and Ahle Kitab [People of Scripture] of his (S) time. Muslims claim, they follow Rasulullah (S) in every walk of life but their behavior and reactionary attitude does not confirm it. It does not appear that they are the Ummah of Rasulullah (S) by any standard except in name and nomenclature and following some religious rituals whereas his (S) entire moral conduct, his life-long struggle for Allah ‘s Deen, his mode of treatment with his die-hard enemies, his dealings with entire team of “opposition” of his time are no where traceable in social, economic and political behavior of Muslim Ummah. Their wild reaction on streets of the Muslim world and else where in Europe and America does not find any model in his (S) life pattern.


Muslims must think and evaluate the atrocities, the oppression, the misbehavior and mistreatments that the idolaters of Makkah and that of T'aif perpetuated on Prophet Muhammad (S) and his beloved companions continuously for two decades at least.  Let us see: is there any incident where he (S) responded violently or angrily to his adversaries as we are doing today? His (S)  most “affectionate” respond to the most violent hooliganism of T’aif was to Allah (SWT) alone imploring: O Allah! These people don’t understand your Prophet. “O Allah! Give them the vision to understand me and what I am presenting to them for their salvation. O Allah! Don’t leave me in their hands”  And when the angles of mountain came  and sought his (S) permission to let him destroy the habitation altogether by crushing them in between the two mountains, see what Rasulullah (S) said, ”No. leave them. If they do not accept  the message today, their progenies will under take it.” History is the witness that within a few years the entire habitation of T’aif embraced Islam and became its champion.  


Muslims are neither following the dictates of the Qur’an nor the footprints of their beloved Prophet (S). Qur’an ordains them to meet such situation with patience [Sabr] and never feel distress at heart for what their adversaries were doing then and what they are conspiring to do today.: “Endure thou patiently [O Muhammad]. Thine endurance is only by the help of Allah, and be not in distress because of that which they devise”. [Chapter 16 : 127]. Our job is just to go on calling them to the fold of Allah with wisdom and fair exhortation [Verse # 125 of same Chapter]. As such, Muslims have just become “reactionaries” to what the Jewish and Christian world is hurling on them day in and day out in the name of “War on Terror”, promotion of freedom and liberal values, liberation of women with the same vengeance that was seeded in their hearts and minds centuries ago, hardened subsequently by the Crusades and augmented further with visible signs of Islam’s resurrection in the Muslim world.


The cartoons were published in September last in a Denmark paper. Simple murmuring was going on in low profile.  But Western press blew up this opposition roar by reproducing it in almost six countries of Europe, igniting the sentiments of our traditional Muslims around the world. That has resulted in putting on fire the embassy of Denmark in Syria and Lebanon. And that is not the end of it. Secular West wants to keep the sentiments of Muslims ever-surcharged and  agitated always, as such, one way or the other. Muslims will get nothing from the politics of agitation except keeping themselves away from the real assignment of calling the people to the fold of Allah. That is what the Devil wants and its “agents” in Europe, America and India are playing that game by frequently insulting Islam, Muslims and their beloved Prophet (S) in extremely accusative and disgusting languages time and again.


Muslims, in fact, should never pay any heed to these insane outbursts of criminal hate with the attitude: let the “street dogs” bark; we will do our job of reconstructing the Ummah  and multiply our strength in science, technology, building military muscles and producing the men of trustworthy character as models for mankind. A unified Muslim command in the field of defense and foreign affairs is the only answers to demeaning utterances of West. They only bow down their head to unity, strength and united front. When Muslim Ummah would become “Bunyanun Mersus” [a solid wall], they would never dare even to lay a finger towards us. They will talk of friendship and cooperation with Muslim world. At that time, the secular governments of the West who are showing indifference toady will take care of their astray “street dogs” on their own accord and maintain friendship and cordial relation with the united Muslim world. That cherished goal, Muslims will have to achieve or perish with the growing anti-Islam waves of Western hegemonies. Let the Muslim leadership and the OIC think over it as how to get this profound mission accomplished within a foreseeable future before it becomes too late.


Shamim Siddiqi

February 5, 2006