In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The four months long notoriously “famous” trial of Michael Jackson, a top pop singer, came to an end when on Monday, June 13, 2005 a Jury of 12 members and 8 attendants in the judicial court of Santa Barbara, California declared him: “not found guilty” on the alleged charge of child molestation. Immediately he was set “free”, leaving a lot of pertinent questions about his “conduct” and sex oriented behavior with children of minor ages. The prosecutor could not prove the case beyond the “shadow” of doubt in spite of the fact that Jackson’s life-style was confirming the genesis of the case. The same Prosecutor, Mr. Seneddon Jr. of Santa Barbara brought a case against Jackson in August 1993 but the allegation fell apart due to a multi-million dollar settlement outside the court. It shows that something “fishy” is traceable in the behavior and living condition of the pop singer that circumstantially stands “true” in his life-style but could not be proved in the court of law.


The case of prosecution was weak from the very outset as none of the witnesses could stand the defense piercing course of arguments. The mother of the boy proved to be a “liar” and filed the case, perhaps, with some bad motives of arm twisting of Jackson to squeeze some money as happened in the previous case. He never pressed to bring Jackson in witness box for cross examination and proving his credentials that were loaded with the character of a serial pedophile that used to get young boys in his bed using his ranch at Neverland as a lure. Now he is set free to “pursue” his life style at ease as no “alleged” case can be proved in the court of law due to “false” allegations of the past. The whole story appears to be a “drama” staged in “collaboration” with some career “actors” to “free” a celebrity and his life style for good. Our “breaking-news” hungry media flashed it day and night and none could estimate the damage done to our youngsters and the morals of the society. A news item that should have been dealt with totally on secret level became everybody’s living room’s talk; and “gossip” of children’s get-togethers. How many pedophiles it would create in our midst is now every body’s guess?  How much it has degraded our society, its moral values and exposed the fallacies of man-made judicial system can only be imagined with only the consequences that it is likely to entail?


However, there is another court of justice that is Supreme where all the cases where justice is camouflaged or dumped into heaps of doubts, allegations and counter-allegations have been filed and their outcome will be quite just and honest when it would be delivered on the Day of Judgment. Michael Jackson and the “criminals” like him howsoever, may avoid the clutches of human laws they would never be able to save their skin from the wrath of their Lord. Their, the jury will be His “appointed” angels who are recording every moment of our life and the Judge Himself would be in complete knowledge of all facts, hidden or open. On that day, our deeds would be our own prosecutors and there would be no defense for the criminals except their hands, feet and skin who will be the witness against them and they will speak only truth.  There will be no escape from the punishment that would be delivered on the accumulated effect of our “sins”.


This is not the case of the USA alone. An American “collaborator” in the land of Pakistan, had set free the same week the six declared culprits who had committed an extremely shameful act of rape on a totally innocent girl, Mukhtaran Mai and she was put to house arrest as she was intended to fly on official invitation to the USA. This case was not of allegation but the act of actual commitment in broad day light and hundreds of eye-witness were in standby. It is such a heinous crime that whole world would have shaken that day. This case is also registered in the supreme court of Allah and all the culprits will meet severest punishment on the Day of Judgment. They all will be thrown into hellfire if they do not repent and seek the pardon from Mukhtaran Bibi in her life time.


These cases and thousands and thousands more occurring every day prove the fallacies of human justice on earth. These are the inevitabilities of life style that is not based on the concept of accountability in Akhirah. This condition persists throughout the human society and in every walk of life. Man feels that he/she is free to do all he/she likes or dislikes, forgetting altogether that he/she is a responsible human being on earth and that they all are accountable to their Creator and Sustainer when they will face Him ultimately one day after death. This concept is very essential for man to act and live with. Only then he/she will live like responsible men and women on earth. Only then the human abode will become a cradle of peace, if not, it would remain a hell for its inmates. Injustices will be the recurring feature of our life as we see around us and expecting justice form the human system will be next to impossible. The scrupulous people both in power and in public will twist the court cases in their favor as happened in the case of Michael Jackson and that of the poor Mukhtaran Mai. Humanity will feel ashamed to show her “criminal” face to God Who will preside over His Supreme Court of Justice and where His own will and knowledge will be above all.


Let the humans accept the concept of Accountability in their own interest and reap the harvest of justice and fair play at every step as God-conscious men and women will speak truth and nothing but truth only. Tyranny and oppression will cease to exist only in that society. Would the human society love to adopt that life pattern to live in peace and security and accept the incompetency of man made system that is no good for its own specie?



Shamim A Siddiqi  

Dated: June 19, 2005