[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


:President Bush has manipulated the world to rotate on the axis of his desire to retain the power, occupy the White house for “four more years” and dictate the development of trans-continental events in the manner that suits his ambitions. For the fulfillment of his “wild” desires, he “invented” the philosophy of “preemptive” attack, raised the “slogan” of a “self-imposed” war against terrorism beyond all proportion, hijacking his people, their democratic and human rights on false pretexts and presumptive ‘allegations. Through blind application of his Patriot Act without proof, he has made the life of ordinary Americans miserable. He has forced his countrymen and women to live under the shadow of the hanging sword of Damocles on their heads, conspicuously fearful of what may happen next moment, especially the American Muslims who are horrified and living a life of “continuous” fear and uncertainties. 


Through his blatant lies about the alleged possibility of finding WMD in Iraq, unproven charge of Saddam’s relation with the so-called Al-Qaida, President Bush has destroyed the infrastructure of a sovereign country, enslaved its people, denied their basic necessities of life – peace, security, drinking water, electricity, food and means to earn honest living within the geographical bounds of their country. In consequence, a most loyal puppet regime of Ayad Alavi has been imposed on the people of Iraq. They are resisting it, as every free nation would have done so, and paying, in exchange, huge price of their innocent life and blood in hundreds daily and only Allah knows as how long they will continue to pay this “precious” price at the altar of “Bushism.” Iraq has been thrown decades behind to lick the wounds being sustained to its body and spirit by the military “Jingoism” of President Bush. . So is the case with the poor Afghanistan. It would take decades to gather to recover from  senseless pounding of American bombers at the behest of President Bush who within a couple of hours of the tragedy of September 11 pinpointed to Afghanistan, Taliban and Osama  for “revenge” without presenting any Judicial proof. “Osama” was hovering in his mind and his “dead” image will continue to haunt President’s Bush memory till his last breath while sitting in the White House. Afghanistan is profusely bleeding like Iraq facing the well publicized “drama” of general elections to be held in each country within the next four months.


But the calamity at “home” is worst than what he has caused and is causing abroad in Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East and the rest of the world in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. At home, President Bush has hijacked the American people, keeping them horrified constantly under the siege of an “impending” terrorist attack by giving different warning signals in yellow, orange and red colors. He has “wasted” more than 200 billion dollars in Iraq war, ballooning budget deficit to 422 billions in the current fiscal year only and getting our youth in uniform killed everyday at the altar of his arrogance and obstinacy to  admit that he had done Himalayan blunder by invading Iraq on false and cooked pleas. He is sacrificing the interest of common Americans by denying them education, medical insurance, food stamps and employment benefits. He is violating the Constitution of the country and usurping many of the fundamental human rights, especially of its Muslim citizens.


The only interest that he is serving is that of Jewish lobby in conniving with the atrocities that Sharon has let loose on the innocent people of Palestine and conceding the corporate American interests in every sector of our economy both at home and abroad. President Bush by his “war-like” policies, hopeless strategies to fight against world terrorism and totally neglecting willfully the issues and human tragedies that constitute the main cause of agitation throughout the world, especially, in Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir and Muslim world, forcing the oppressed people to take law in their hand and fight for their human rights to live a dignified life of their own. Equally, his tall talks to restore democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East are just farce. The OP-Ed article of J Alexander Their in NY Times of September 23, 2004 and yesterday’s confession of Rumsfeld in the Senate hearings about the uncertainties of elections in Iraq are the admitted proof that President Bush is bound to fail even in that attempt


Thus, President Bush has filled the earth with total Fasad [transgression] all around. He is causing more dissention and unrest in the world than restoring peace anywhere in the world. In this context, it must be noted that the Creator and Sustainer of this cosmos that does not belong to Bush and his henchmen, Blair and Sharon but to Allah who abhors oppression in all its forms, irrespective of the fact where it is, who the criminals are and what they are doing. It stands condemned in His sight. President Bush must now count his days. He must go. That is his destiny. It is the tradition of Allah for the arrogants and the transgressors of the world. The way Hitler and Stalin went unwept, unsung and unceremoniously, the same way President Bush must now go and along with him the puppet regimes of Ayad, Karzai, Musharraf and the entire Sheikhdom of the ME too. Only then world would be a safer place to live for the weak, the oppressed and the have-nots.      



Shamim A Siddiqi

September 24, 2004