In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful




     [Shamim A Siddiqi]


President Obama last night has won a well fought pitched battle for his second term to run the affairs of the Superpower for "Four More Years". He got the mandate to run his on-gong programs: * to create jobs for the unemployed; * to uphold his Medicare program; * to strengthen the infrastructure of the country in the fields of education, power production, repairing roads, schools and bridges; * to stop the outsourcing of jobs; * to eliminate the budget deficit and * reducing the national dept by trillions of dollars. All these and many more are the challenges ahead of him with a beleaguered Congress and defeated GOP leadership.


To win the die-hard opposition and a safe passage for his colossal job, he has to make now endless compromises at every step of legislation. What GOP couldn't get through Elections will get through at a wide open bargain table. If he fails in this attempt and couldn't raise taxes to bridge the gap his "Four More Years" will be ruined only in political bickering, delaying tactics and deadlocks at frequent intervals.


In sequence, the fate of American economy will remain in jeopardy, balancing the budget and reducing the volume of national debt will be ever ballooning, capital will remain shy to be invested to produce jobs and services and the Corporate interest will twist his arms to get the maximum share of its enterprises as usual. Outsourcing of jobs will ever go on increasing as its cause is low cost of production that highly industrialized countries like the USA cannot afford. China, India, BD and other Far Eastern countries of Asia will continue to reap the harvest of outsourcing.


President Obama, as such, is not going to get an easy sailing in the economic field at home for years together whereas in foreign affairs, the PM of Israel is fast going to create problems for him by making Iran's nuclear ambition a hot burning issue, an impending danger for another war in the ME while the withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistan is still a distant dream.


Let President Obama solve these headaches through his broadminded compromises as he has indicated in his victory speech tonight. Meanwhile, I want to draw the attention of the minority people living in this country to a very important outcome of Presidential Election 2012.


It has changed the geopolitical situation of the country and put some new realities before us. It is now clearly possible for the ethnic minorities of this country to set up their candidate for the post of President and win it at ease. President Obama got maximum votes from Afro-Americans, about 70 % Spanish votes and about 40 % of white women votes. He won the Election and the brute 84% white majority couldn't do any thing to oust him from power.


This pattern of voting is now well set for us to think and work accordingly if we can organize our community and produce a program for the suffering and the oppressed people of the land, the country is now ready to accept a phenomenon change in very near future.


Equally, it is an open invitation for Muslim leadership if they are alive to the situation and resolve to work for the desired results in due course.


I hope that President Obama will work for the development of all the communities at par and make the best use of his second term in office as an historical event.  I wish him all success.


Shamim Siddiqi