[Shamim A Siddiqi. New York]


AOL - America on Line, is currently carrying out an opinion poll on its network with a single question: Who is the greater threat – Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussain? The question is not complete. It is rather misleading and concocted. It does not bring the total picture before the people of this land. The question should be re-framed as: Who is the Greatest Threat to America and the world peace: Bin laden, Saddam Hussain or Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld–Ashcroft axis?  The reasons that urge for resetting this question are as follows:


1.  Osama could not survive the heaviest bombardment of the USA in his Tora Bora hide out. President Musharraf of Pakistan has repeatedly and convincingly asserted that he is dead. He was suffering from Kidney ailment and was on dialysis treatment that could not be rendered during that period. He was thus supposed to be dead either through the intensive bombardment or lack of treatment of his kidney. But Bin Laden has become the greatest need of America in order to perpetuate her campaign against terrorism. So he is to be kept alive, one way or the other, to keep the tempo against America’s war against terrorism alive and continuous. The story of Osama’s latest tape was coined on the streets of Islamabad that someone who was totally covered handed over the current tape to a press correspondent that reached to Aljazira Television network. The rest was “developed” by our Intelligence Agencies at their workshops to prove that it was the voice of Bin Laden. Tony Blair of UK is also very much eager to make it a truthful story.  If Bin Laden is dead, the balloon of terrorism will fall flat. So he must be forced to be “alive” for the continuity of the baseless war against terrorism by Bush-Tony axis for their nefarious game to keep the Muslim world and the Muslims of the USA and Great Britain victimized inhumanly. The haunting memory of late Bin Laden has become the blood artery of the propaganda against terrorism, creating and maintaining the hate campaign against the Muslims of the USA and abroad.


2.  Saddam Hussain has also become the fuel for the Bush-Tony-Sharon axis to perpetuate their “occupation” of Middle East oil-producing region. Saddam, the proven rouge of the time, appears to have no connection with Bin Laden and the intelligence agencies both of the USA and that of UK could not prove it so far. However, the preemptive war against Iraq is inevitable. It would provide a testing ground for the latest and the most destructive weapons of the USA that are in the process of development. Iraq will become their testing laboratory and give new impetus to the booming armament industry of the USA and UK. The conquest of Iraq will provide this axis a naked opportunity to keep and maintain the presence of the allied forces in the region for decades together, creating a state of neo-colonialism, generating a congenial environment to interfere in the affairs of the Muslim world for decades together. It would keep the Muslim world agitated, fighting all the times for freedom from the neo-colonists powers of twenty first century and remaining occupied by their respective undemocratic regimes under a contaminated state of ignorance, underdevelopment and sub-human conditions in its wake.


3.  The Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft Axis: It is determined to dominate the world by exploiting the aforesaid two issues, maintain the campaign against terrorism at its highest pitch, perpetuate the occupation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Sheikdoms of the Middle East, capture Iraq and prolong this hegemony extended to the countries who refuse to tow down their line, especially land form the weak countries and the Muslim world one after the other. This human tragedy does not end here.  This axis is not only gradually inching towards hijacking the peace of the world but are very much determined to choke the normal life of American people by setting a Total Information Awareness Center, computerizing huge amount of information about each and every individual under the command of an another rouge, John Pointdexter, a retired Admiral of Iran-Contra age thereby transforming the USA into a police state for its own people and a menace for the world at large.


Under this tiring situation, the choice should be given to the people of the land to judge: Who is the greatest danger  - Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain or the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft axis? Would the moderators of public opinion pole of America On Line amend or reset their question to correct the historical record of the time and envision the development of world events in its true perspective. Their question in its existing form is evasive and puts a twisted and a very unrealistic picture before the ken of mortal eyes? The question in its present from is the negation of truth and hides the hard facts of our universal existence under the garb of a disastrous ignorance.