In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful



[Al-Muddathir: 74: 2-3]


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


HUMANITY WAS IN A MESS: Before the advent of Mohammad Ibne Abdullah of Makkah as the Messenger of Allah in 610 AC, humanity was in a mess at every count of its individual and collective life. There was no Divine Guidance on earth. Both Torah and Bible were lost or mutilated by human innovations. As such, along with the Messenger, the Creator and Sustainer, out of His infinite mercy and commitment, sent His final and the most updated Guidance, the Qur’an through Prophet Muhammad (S) to direct the humans as how to act, live and behave on earth and deliver Justice, peace and security to human abode.


With the captioned words of the second Wahi: “Qum wa Anzir wa Rabbeka Fakabbir” Allah (SWT) entrusted the aforesaid mission to Rasulullah (S) with His command to get up and warn the people to accept the authority of their Lord,  the Sustainer in every walk of life.


Rasulullah (S) undertook this mission as his life long pursuit started calling his native people first and then the entire human race to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer. Those who responded to his (S) call affirmatively were welded into a Jamaah, a Movement and raised as the “Best of Community” with the objective to clean the human abode from “Munkar” (the evils], establish the “Ma’roof” (the good) in its place and deliver justice to mankind as envisaged through Verse 110 of Surah Al-Imran and Verse # 25 of Surah Al- Hadeed respectively:


“You are indeed the best community [Ummah] that has been raised for mankind that has ever been brought forth for [the good of] mankind: you enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and you believe in God”

                                                                                                  [Al-Imran. 3: 110]


“We verily sent our Messengers with clear prove and revealed with them the Scriptures  and the Balance so that people deliver justice to mankind……….”

[Al-Hadeed -57: 25]


Muslim Ummah continued to accomplish this onerous task of its existence for centuries together in the Continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, in countries and regions where it could establish the authority of Allah and filled the earth with justice, peace and security till the Caliphate was abolished by Mustafa Kama Pasha of Turkey in May 1923 while the entire Muslim world at that time stood predominantly occupied by European secular powers. In the last two hundred years of Colonial rule, West supplanted  its secular attitude of life, culture, education and values in the Muslim world and massacred Islamic values ruthlessly, creating a local indigenous class of individuals to rule the Muslim world through these proxy agents who were and are Muslims in name only.


HUMANITY STANDS TODAY IN THE SAME MESS AGAIN: Today world stands at the same juncture where it stood at the end of sixth Century AC with greater challenges and enormous problems. It needs another Messenger from the Creator and Sustainer to clear the mess and correct the situation but none is to come now. Who will then do the job and correct the affairs of Human abode? Truly speaking, the job has already been entrusted to the followers of Mohammad Ibne Abdullah of Makkah and the above quoted Verses from the Qur’an pinpoint the same responsibility to be shouldered by us, the Muslims of today.


This is the paramount theme of my book: “CALLING HUMANITY”. How the Muslims will do this job now is outlined in its pages as under:      


1.  Muslims have to redefine, re-discover and re-build themselves as “Ummatun Wasatan”, transform themselves as the best of the people and set models of their character in each and every field of life, They, especially, have to build the monumental team of its trustworthy leadership to understand, handle and run the affairs of the modern world with justice to all and malice to none. In this respect, the responsibility of our existing Islamic Movements around the world is enormous and manifold. They have the vision but not the program and the resources to accomplish it.


2. There are 57 Muslim countries in the world but Allah’s Deen is no where visible as a political entity. Dictatorship and undemocratic rules are prevalent almost at all the places. Corruption is rampant as the currency of the day. Secular culture is promoted to please their masters in the West. Islam is practiced marginally as a "religion" and not as Al-Deen. In order to get out of this mess, the movement oriented Muslim leadership has to approach the rulers of the Muslim world and request them to mend their ways, live and behave like Muslim rulers, reminding them softly with concern that one day they are to meet their Lord: how will they face Him - with run down faces or with flying colors? The choice is their own while they are ruling the country. This kind of polite approach may help in resolving the situation favorably well.


3. Simultaneously, the Muslim leadership has to prepare the Muslim masses at the grass root level and exhort them to live, act and behave like Muslim, be honest in their day today conducts, give their preference to the Islamic System of life and urge the same form of governance from their rulers at hand. If the Islamic Movements are able to create the requisite urge in the Muslim masses for Islamic Renaissance, things will start changing faster than our expectation, Insha Allah. Creating the urge for democratic process in Muslim masses will help in changing the system in due course of time, say a decade or so.


4. This peaceful pursuit by the Islamic Movements and the Muslim leadership will, Insha Allah, prepare the ground to change the leadership in the Muslim lands possibly by the end of third or the beginning of forth decade of the current century and may help in transforming the Ummah to its glorious role of “Ummatun Wasatan”.


5. Meanwhile, the Islamic Movements and the Muslim leadership will have to produce the Teams of Da’ees and the Dawah literature in abundance in the context of modern world and send their Dawah errands to Europe, Americas and the non-Muslim countries of Asia, Africa and Australia in a continuous process. This job has been neglected for centuries and must now be undertaken urgently by our Islamic Movements in an organized fashion through gradual process.


6. Zakah funds must be organized through out the Muslim world and the rich brothers and sisters, the affluent of the Ummah must be approached to this effect as it is the best use of their "surpluses" or “Al-Afwah” [Ref: Verse #219 of Al-Baqarah]. Insha Allah, funds will be forthcoming in abundance. Only it needs efficient management by our Movements and they are competent enough, I am sure of it, to do it magnificently well in preparing/building the Teams of Da'ees and producing Dawah literature in different important languages of the world.    


7. Gradually, this process will pave the way handsomely to present Islam as the basic need of the human society at Global level and help our Islamic Movements to build and develop Movements in different countries, parts and regions to get the Deen of Allah introduced and spread globally, enabling the Muslim to counteract the secular forces around the world at equal footings. The process may take time but in all probability within two decades or so, Insha Allah, we will be standing at par with the secular forces that are currently organized globally and menacingly damaging the Muslims cause at alarming speed. That will be the turning point for Muslim Ummah to deliver justice, peace and security to the human abode. 


8. This, Insha Allah, will enable the Islamic Movements to take upper hand and present Islam to the human society as the Greatest Need of Man with total love, care and concern for the oppressed, the haves, the have- not, the affluent and the deprived all at par with no distinction on account of color, race, language and ethnicity. It would be the red letter day for the human society. That will be the day when humanity will enter into Islam, Insha Allah, in multitudes which Allah (SWT) has described as the unique phenomenon in Surah Al-Nasr (# 110). History will then repeat itself.


9. If this so much job Muslims could accomplish through my most humble contribution within a couple of decades, most humbly I will feel obliged to the Lord of this cosmos that my mission of life stands accomplished beyond any shadow of doubt and that Allah (SWT) out of His infinite mercy may accept me as His most obedient “Abd”, the zenith of human success and address my humble self: O the Contented soul! Return thou thy Sustainer, well pleased [and] pleasing [Him]: enter, then, together with My [other true] servants – yea, enter thou My paradise!”  [Al-FAJR # 89 Verses # 27 - 30]


 I humbly pray to my Lord to grant this onerous position to all the brothers and sisters sitting in this hall and are scattered around the world and give Tawfeeq to each of them to undertake it as the mission of his or her life to struggle hard to become His “Abd”. Ameen!  


Wa ma Tawfeeqi Illa Billah.


Shamim A Siddiqi, NY.

September 22. 2012