In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, NY]


The tragedy of shedding the innocent Muslim blood through Military boots and bullets being unfolded on the streets of Cairo since yesterday [Friday, July 26. 2013] is the “SHOW-DOWN” of the forces of Kufr and Shirk of the country and around the world. It is the demonstration of their determination that Islam shouldn’t be allowed to emerge as a “political entity” anywhere in the world - the sole “agenda” of these brute forces that I expressed and elaborated in my article “MILITARY OUSTS MORSI FROM POWER” on July 3, 2013. The cat has now come out of the bag with its most ugly and disgusting face.


The elected Muslim Brotherhood’s President of Egypt Mr. Morsi is held under detention and being charged by the military in a conspiracy that he allegedly “hatched” with the Hamas of Ghaza in his escape from Wadi Natroun prison in 2011 along with 30 members of his Movement in detention. Now he is being charge sheeted for that cooked and false allegation. Military is in no mood to set him free and get him restored to be the first elected President of the country. Since then Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim organizations have arranged a peaceful sit-in demonstration at Rabaa-al-Adwaya mosque to get Morsi restored to his position of the elected President of the country. However, it seems now a cry in the wilderness of dark and blind forces of Kufr and Shirk that are hovering over Ikhwan to get it crushed, perhaps, for good, forgetting altogether that Islam gets new life after every act of Zulm and oppression.  


General Sisi is bent upon to throw the country in a civil war between the peaceful forces of Islam and the conservative blind secular forces of death and destruction that have already killed more than 100 Ikhwan supporters around Masjid Rabaa-al-Adwaya and injured more than 300 innocent Muslims. The carnage of innocent killing is going on unabated in the country The Sheikhdoms of Gulf States have flooded the Cairo’s dictatorial usurpers with billions of Dollar [around 12 billions] in aid and moral support for getting rid of Islam coming into power in a Muslim country – an inherent danger against the corrupt and oppressive Sheikhdoms and Kings of the region, living in close vicinity of Egypt. These “rouge” Muslim states are surviving both on the visible and invisible help and patronage of secular Euro-American countries that are maintaining huge military bases in the heart of Arab world and holding military alliances for their survival with some other extraordinary tragedies that:


*their God-gifted surplus wealth is invested in secular Europe, America and elsewhere but not in Muslim lands suffering from the paucity of developing funds; 


*they didn’t establish the Institution of Zakah in their respective countries to cater the needs of their poor, needy, deprived and the have-nots;


*they didn’t establish any Institution to eradicate the Munkar from their lands and establish Ma’roof in its place as their Lord commands them to do through Verse # 41 of Surah Al-Hajj;


“Those [Muslims] who, if We give them power in the land, establish Salah, pay Zakah and enjoin Ma’roof [enjoin doing what is right] and eradicate “Munkar [forbidding doing of what is wrong]: with Allah rests the final outcome of all events’


*and they all are claiming that they are “Muslim” obedient to Allah.


* What a miserable contrast it is between their Iman, action and deeds!


In this tense situation, the military General Sisi who maneuvered the Coup d’état of July 3 that ousted Morsi is openly urging the Egyptian secular forces for street demonstration to strengthen his hands to fight the “terrorist” [he means the Muslim Brotherhood]. The “huge” secular and liberal masses that are allergic to Islam, started gathering in Tahreer squire for an open clash [civil war] with the rival group – the supporters of Islam, giving an open “target” to the military and police to kill the Movement oriented Islamic workers in day light in scores and root out the “danger” of Islam from the country for good – the paramount demand of the Coptic, secularist, the liberals and the opportunists of the country and the dominant secular world abroad.


This fight in Egypt to defeat the 85 years old Islamic Movement for good, loudly in the valley of Nile and elsewhere in low tone as the Islamic forces couldn’t  get any opportunity so for  to reach to the tentacles of power as they got in Egypt and Tunis. In fact, it is the game plan of the secular world. All powers of Kufr and Shirk are united and well organized globally only on one solitary Agenda that Islam must not be allowed to emerge anywhere as a “political entity”. It can live as a “religion” of some rituals as Judaism and Christianity have become and the political power remains in the hands of the secular forces in each country. Judaism and Christianity have reconciled with this agenda where as Islam is fighting and will continue to fight till Qayamah [Doomsday].


This eventual scenario demands that Islam must be organized too globally to encounter the sinister designs of the forces of Kufr and Shirk that are fighting with Islamic forces as Millat-e-Waheda. This is the real Challenge of time to Muslim Ummah and its leadership towards survival as “Ummatun Wasatan”. Islam does have a universal program to organize the humanity AFRESH on the principal of: One God, one Deen, one Humanity and one Qibla”. Only this approach can unite the humanity on one platform and deliver justice to all and malice to none. The forces Kufr and Shirk have nothing to offer except material idolatry, division, bifurcation, hate, greed, lust and fraudulent practices that have delivered sufferings

and disbalances to human abode.                  


Let Muslims and the Islamic Movements around the world must work together not only in Egypt but throughout the Muslim world to defeat the dark and blind forces of Kufr and Shirk that are interfering in our internal affairs everywhere.  We must approach the Muslim rulers “politely” to change the pattern of their life, be true Muslims and act as Allah asks them to behave like that as the Qur’anic Verse quoted above demands lest they are overthrown by these dark forces as they have done in Egypt. These dark forces are friends of none.


ON the other hand, We have to invite the secular West to be obedient to their Creator and Sustainer and be the honest servants of God – the only way to get justice, peace and security for all humans. The Muslim world has to do this job lest it becomes too late.       


Shamim Siddiqi

July 29, 2013


FOOT NOTE: This whole process of change at global level, I have humbly elaborated in my latest book; “Calling Humanity“. It is available on my Website