DTP Lectures Series # 4:                    


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful



I. What is the concept of Akhirah? – “Wa Bil-Akhirate hum Yuqenoon” [Al-Baqarah: 4]

 - It is the most important part of our Aqeedah

* “Akhirah” is a comprehensive word, representing the following believes: 

1. Man is not an irresponsible creation but he is accountable to his Creator/Sustainer;

2. The System is not eternal. One day it would come to an end and man will face his Creator

     And Sustainer with all his A’ma’l [his actions and deeds on earth];

3. There will be another world where the entire human beings will be resurrected & assembled;

    All would be accounted for/rewarded accordingly: “Innallaha Sareeul Hisab”[3: 199; 14: 48]

4. Those who were obedient to Allah will be rewarded with Jannah and those who disobeyed

    Him will be punished with Hellfire;

5. It means: the criterion of success is not this life but the life in the Hereafter. We all must

    struggle for the whole of our life to get success in the life Hereafter: Al-Dunya Mazra’ul

    Akhirah [Hadith];   That is the “Yaumul Taghabun [64: 9]        

6. Akhirah is an unknown and unseen phenomenon [It is the part of Iman Bil Ghaib]


II. How humans treated the concept of Akhirah: This attitude can be categorized in 3 ways:


* Total Rejection – Universe created by accident and will come to an end one day; Big bang;

- Mazdakiyat in Iran 524 CE; Communism –Carl Marks- the Capitol; Yahudiyat –no Akhirah;

- Ref:-[Al Ja’siya; 24]

* Partial acceptance and partial reejction:   Christianity- Believes in life after death only

  spiritually not physical resurrection; Crucifction of Jesus on Cross as Kaffarah;

- Hinduism:  Transmigration of soul [Awah- Gawan] Soul never dies; appears in diff. shape;

- Tashkik- In doubt as Mushrikeen Makkah they were in doubt about resurrection:

- Comments of Qur’an:  [Qaf: 3;  Yaseen:  78 -79; Al Naba: 1-3; Al-Zariyat: 6-8]

* Total Acceptance “Wa Bil Akheratey hum Yuqenoon”; Malikey Yaumuddeen; “Rabban ma

   Khalaqta haza batellun-Al-Imran -191; Inna Youmul Fasley kana Meeqatun – Naba: 17

   Afahasibtum Annama Khalaqnakum abasun….  Al-Muminoon: 115]


III. What Character the Rejection of Akhirah produces?

* Irresponsible attitude in life – becomes a reckless and careless “vagabond”;  

* With no sense of accountability - man lives as per his/her whims and caprices;

* In consequence, fills the earth with Zulm, confusion, bloodshed, exploitations & disorder;  

* Man rules over men [Dialogue between Rustum and Mughirah bin Shabah (RA):

  Yujaheduna layukhrejunnasu min ebadatil ebad ela ebadatillah wahdahu la shareeka lahu]

* No Justice in the world: Human’s rights are denied, usurped at every stage

* Chauvinistic style in life; Stinginess; depriving others [Al-Ma’woon # 107]

* Greed and Rivalry in Worldly Gains – [Al-Takasur # 102],

- Always found busy in increasing Standard of living at the cost of Have-nots –This only life;  

- Negation of Akhirah destroys the character both of individuals and nations:

   Paul Kennedy: The Rise and Fall of Great Powers: 35 civilization dead + 36th the USA


IV. Concept of Akhirah – The Character it Produces at Individual and Collective Levels:

- It makes individuals & society Allah-conscious, God-fearing and feeling always accountable

  to Allah for all their actions and deeds on earth

- On Individual level:  * Allah-conscious/God-fearing men and women build a nation of:

 * Good citizens; *faithful husband; *affectionate farther/loving mother;*benevolent neighbor;

 * Dutiful employee, irrespective of the fact where he is and what he is doing 

 * Benevolent Employer, manufacturer, businessman;

 * Dutiful military solder/security men - honest custodian of peace at home and protection of

    others Life, Property, Honor and Peace at home and abroad

* They would transform the society into an abode of “Rahmah” – a mercy for all;

* No corruption, no kickback at any level [No Mr. Ten % - Files will move freely in offices

* Business, trade/com. will prosper beyond imagination due honest trade practices/dealings;

* Cost of production will fell down as no wastage will be in all factors of cost [L+C+M]

* Operating cost of Running Government will be reduced tremendously.

* Justice will be mostly FREE; Crimes less; less prison expenses;

* No discrimination at all at any level about color, race, religion or language

* In short, that Islamic society would be a heaven, a boon and benediction on earth for all

- This ideal society will help further in producing Allah-conscious people in its midst

_ Examples: Kingdom of David, Solomon, Khulafa-e-Rashideen; Omar bin A Aziz (RA)


V. Let us SEE: what difference the denial of the concept of Akhirah makes with the blessings when it is accepted as the creed of life both the scenario are before us.

- Now it is our obligation to convince the world to share the blessings that Islam offers;

- We can get it at ease if we establish a model community on this pattern. And invite our Jodeo-Christian brothers to be our guests and feel its blessings in our midst.




* Natural Phenomenon- Al-Imran: 191. [Rabbana ma Khalaqta haza batellun + Al-Mulk: 2]

- Humans & the cosmos are produced with the same matter by Allah –How he/she used it?

* Continuation & Perfection the effects of worldly life:  Effects both of good and bad deeds may continue for centuries together after the death of the person concerned, his accounts remains open for getting total effect. It would be possible only when a cut date is applied and that is DOJ.

*Akhirah is its logical need of Allah’s Rahmah; He must do justice both to good and bad

* A MORAL NEED: To be Rewarded or -Punished according to his/her deeds on earth.

* Historical Evidence: End Result of nations who denied the concept of Akhirah –

- Most of the people denied accountability; Nations became irresponsible; moral degradation; filled the earth with oppression, Fasad, arrogant resulting in total annihilation: A’d. Thamud +

[Ref: Rise & Fall of The Great Nations – Paul Kennedy] All became corrupt and removed

[Qur’anic Ref: Qaf: 12-13; Al-Imran: 137;  Al-Namal-69; Al-Rome -9]

* Intellectual Reasoning:  When humans were Khalifa and with discretionary power- freewill. They must be accountable for what they do on earth- For them DOJ is the logical ending

* Allah’s Physical laws are firm. Similarly His Moral laws are firm too in Cause and Effect- Akhirah is the manifestation or the culminating point of Moral life of man on earth: How man dealt with His Guidance for his optional life on earth through his free choice.

* Evolutionary Process’s perfection: Human life will get Eternal bliss when enters in Jannah

   or eternal curse when thrown in the Hellfire.

* END RESULT: Mumin becomes the Will of Allah and the hidden forces of nature become his companion on earth as he is always fearful of Allah, lives and dies only for Him and His pleasure.


 VII. CONCERN FOR AKHIRA: Considering the Importance of Akhirah, a Muslim should and must always be vigilant, watchful and scare of accountability on the DOJ.

* Directives & Inspiration from Allah to this effect:

- Preparation for Akhirah - Hashr 18: Ya-Ayyuhal Lazina A’manuttaqulah wal-tanzuru

   Nafsun ma Qaddamat leghad”

- Al-Rahma’n: 46 –“Wa Leman Khafa Muqama Rabbehi Jannatan”

- Al-Tahreem: 6: “Quo Anfusakum wa Ahlikum Nara….”

- Al-Furqan: 65-66: “Rabbana Asrif anna Azaba Jahannama….”

- Al-Daher. 7 & 10:  Wa Yakhafuna Yaumun kana Sharruhu Mustateera. Inna Nakhafu min

   Rabbena Youmun abusun Qamtreera”

* Little Interest for this world and total concern fro Akhirah:  Ahadith Rasulullah (S)

   -  Jabir (RA): Innakum alyouma fi darul-amal; La hesaba; wa Ghadun antum fi darul Akhirah

     wa la amala”

* Examples- who feared Akhirah:  Abu Bakar, Omar, Ikramah bin Abu Jahal’s Iman, Sasa bin Muawiyah, (RA); Punishment of Rijim, Crown of Rustum in Qadsiya,; Zainab Ghazali of Egypt, Abdul Haq of Islamabad, Dr Nazir Shaheed; Mian Tufail Muhammad, Late Afzal Hussain Merhoom; Ch. Ghulam Mohammad Merhoom;  Ch. Ali Ahmad Khan Merhoom,+


* FIVE QUESTIONS IN AKHIRAH: [From Abi Barza Aslami (RA): 1. Age how you passed? 2. How far you practiced the knowledge of Deen; 3.From where you earned? 4. Where you expend? 5. Where you diluted your body [Accountability about Allah’s Amanah ON the Day of Judgment.



May Allah help all of us to be successful in Akhirah!


Shamim Siddiqi                                                                                                   April 4, 2008