In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful






[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Since the time President Obama announced his new Afghan Strategy on Tuesday December 1, 2009 before our cadets at West Point, a lot of discussion and criticism has let lose both in favor and against, especially setting about the dead line to start withdrawing  form July 2011. Unfortunately, this is the hardest and the most difficult point of entire scenario created by the foolish and concocted brutal attack on Afghanistan by President Bush, PM Blare and their henchmen around the world. Their grounds of attack were flimsy, unverified and full of arrogance. Still none has any prove that Afghanistan or OBL were involved in blasting WTC on September 9, 2001. The ground was whimsical and was never verified by any judicial probe either of US National Enquiry Commission or any International Judicial authority as: WHO DID IT AND WHY?  The situation still stands ambiguous, confused and doubtful beyond any shadow of doubt. In consequence, the USA brought Afghanistan to the prehistoric age of total ruination, throwing Pakistan in the grip of total anarchy and putting its military in an unending clash and killing of its own innocent people in pitched battlefields in Swat, Waziristan and elsewhere in the country.


Unfortunately, it appears that Afghanistan was simply made a scapegoat to provide the opportunity for America and its Allied forces to occupy Pakistan and keep it occupied for an indefinite period to capture its nuclear project and finish its ideological identity for good. Both these prominent identity marks of Pakistan were and are the cause of great concern for the entire secular West, the Zionist lobby in the USA and around the world, and the Indian “dream” to undo the partition of India to attain its ever alive passion of “Akhand” Bharat. There is a historical back ground behind this antagonistic phenomenon and I must  elaborate it to assess the latest strategy of President Obama about Afghanistan and Pakistan in its correct perspective as why the armed forces of the USA and Europe are going to stay in the region for an indefinite period and keep Pakistan in central focus.


Pakistan was carved out of the Subcontinent of India as an independent Islamic State in the annals of human history in July 1947. At that time Europe was licking its wounds sustained in Second Greta War and was resurrecting gradually under the oxygen tent of the Marshall Plan of America. It could not make any hue and cry at that time. But by the year 1956 its economy was rehabilitated. It then realized the significance of emerging Pakistan as an ideological Islamic State when its Constitution was framed and promulgated in March 1956 and elections were promised to be held in December 1958.  Immediately Europe and the secular world got the shocking message as what was going to happen so soon.  The anti-Islamic forces both in Pakistan and outside the country started working forthwith against the so-called growing Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan - the presumptive death knell to the secular world and the Zionist ambition of Greater Israel.


The top notch of Pakistan military was British trained and a military coup was manipulated from within its ranks and files.  General Ayyub Khan who was the C-in-C in Pakistan illegally overthrown the established Government of Pakistan, declared its Constitution null and void, promulgated Martial law in Pakistan on October 8, 1956 and imposed himself as its Martial Law Administrator. The entire democratic process was ceased and folded back.


General Ayyub Khan was a man of Freemason. He was elected its member in 1944 when he was the Captain in Coxes Bazaar. I happened to see that list of Free Masson members in 1962 which another Member was holding who was the Managing Director of a shipping company and the Vice Consulate of a Scandinavian country in East Pakistan. The Zionist lobby manipulated this card and torpedoed the emergence of the Islamic State of Pakistan for good. General Sikandar Mirza, the appointed Governor General of Pakistan was sailing too in the same boat along with General Yahya Khan who followed Ayyub Khan when he was ousted from power due to public agitation. In consequence, Pakistan was partitioned and East Pakistan became the independent sate of Bangladesh.  Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became the Prime Minister of the West Pakistan and Martial law Administrate both. This was the first shock given to the people of Pakistan and all the big powers including India played their dirty major role in this tragedy.    


Under overwhelming public pressure of Muslim masses, PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto though secular restored the Constitution of Pakistan in 1973 with its Islamic Provision declared Qadianies as non-Muslims and took initiative to make Pakistan as a nuclear country. In the year 1998 Pakistan went through its nuclear test in response to that of India and became a recognized nuclear country. This status of Islamic Republic of Pakistan with nuclear capabilities and Islam as its predominant ideology was never acceptable to Western countries, the Zionist lobby and the Indian hegemony. Since then all have been conspiring to rob Pakistan from its distinguished features.


The secular political regimes or military dictatorship whosoever came to power in Pakistan by hook or by crook were never sincere to the Islamic Provision of the Constitution and kept them as non operative. General Ziaul Haq, PM Nawaz Sharif and PM Benazir Bhutto and General Pervez Musharraf all were never sincere in transforming Pakistan into an Islamic State for which it was carved out of Indian Subcontinent as a laboratory for Islam.  All were always scared of the West’s abhorrence to Islam and its application in any form in Pakistan. However, the West, the anti-Islam forces around the world, the Zionist lobby of Europe and America and the Indian hate against Pakistan all got their meaningful expression in the form of “gorilla” General Pervez in 1999 when he ousted PM Nawaz Sharif from power and became the most ambitions military dictator of Pakistan, aspiring to be the Ataturk of Pakistan.


General Musharraf surrendered the “Sovereignty” of Pakistan simply to a verbal threat of an employee of President Bush and paved his way to attack his neighbor, a Muslim brotherly country Afghanistan and occupy in turn both Pakistan and Afghanistan in the fictitious name of “War against Al-Qaida” and its spreading “threat” in the region. The USA supported his military regime and he made a lot of dollars in exchange for capturing the innocent Muslims of Pakistan and of other Muslim countries that were in hide out in different parts of Pakistan as suspected collaborators of Al-Qaida and BLD.  They were the remnants of Mujahedeen who fought against Russian occupation of Afghanistan at the behest of America.  Thousands of brothers are missing. For long nine years General Musharraf was carrying out the military agenda of the USA in Pakistan and fighting Bush’s war in Afghanistan while in complete control of Pakistan affairs.              


General Musharraf destroyed the ideological genesis of Pakistan, ruined all its democratic institutions, arrested the Chief Justice of Supreme Court when he refused to bow down before him, flooded the country with western and Indian culture, made a U-turn on the issue of Kashmir, deported hundreds of innocent Pakistanis to Guantanamo Bay prison for the greed of Dollars in ransom from the USA, reformed the Madrassa system of education by removing the Qur’anic verses regarding Jihad form the courses, killed hundreds of innocent boys and girls of Lal Madrassa at Islamabad, made the Army of Pakistan to serve as the stooge of American interest, giving it total access to Air Fields, ports and free passage to Afghanistan and granted permission to American Embassy in Islamabad to be fortified like Pentagon, making Pakistan to look like the colony of the USA. 


The crime list of General Pervez is limitless. He usurped the Constitution of Pakistan twice and robbed its Islamic and democratic character openly with an adamant attitude of recklessness and made Parliament his “rubber” stamp. Influence of the USA reached to its highest peak, conspired with sick and corrupt politicians and gave them free whaling in politics by allowing them to be the free-agent of corruption under NRO. He is now absconding to UK and hiding his “ugly’ face under the protection of British Canopy. His nine years dictatorial regime in Pakistan was just a curse and a shame. If he dares to enter Pakistan, its Independent Judiciary will now put him to gallows for all of his open and hidden crimes against Pakistan, its Constitution and innocent people. He paved the way for America to dominate both on civil and military hierarchy. He created the Baluchistan card for its adversaries to exploit culminating into “Independent Baluchistan Movement” at the hands of the progenies of late Akbar Bugti Merhoom and a trump card in the hands of its arch enemy India to explore and exploit vehemently for long – the next target of America to hit by drone and kill innocent Muslims on the pretext of chasing Al-Qaida leadership as his predominant strategy in Pakistan.


Under this precarious situation of Pakistan where its military is bogged down at both sides of the country: with the borders of Kashmir against Indian occupation and with insurgents in Waziristan and at the borders of Afghanistan and encountering the frequent retaliatory attacks on civil and military targets in the Province of Punjab and NWFP. With this growing insurgencies in Pakistan and the determined expression of President Obama to chase the leaders of Al-Qaida in their “sanctuaries” in Baluchistan and border regions of Afghanistan-Pakistan, President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari strongly blames America by writing: “The one-sidedness of American policy [that] fuels the conspiracy theories that abound here – theories that blame the West for all of our ills. Pakistan elected democratic leadership is itself a victim of some of these conspiracy theories. Our American partners must understand their origins and work with us to turn public opinion around”. He further writes that Americas long term commitment of 7.5 billon dollars aid to Pakistan “must be complemented by short term policies that demonstrate American neutrality and willingness to help India and of Pakistan overcome their mutual distrust. It could start by stepping up its efforts to mediate the Kashmir dispute” [Ref: New York Times –Op-Ed page of December 10, 09]


It all appears to be the wishful thinking and rhetorics of President Zardari. The agenda of President Obama seems to be different and open-ended. He was crystal clear in his speech of December 6, 09 exhorting that he is “convinced that our country is at stake in Afghanistan and Pakistan” which he called “the epicenter of violent extremism practiced by Al-Qaida. This is no idle danger, no hypothetical threat” He raised the terrifying prospect of an unchecked Al-Qaida taking over a nuclear armed Pakistan. He forcefully argued that Pakistan’s survival also depends on defeating Al-Qaida.


These assertions of President Obama clearly confirm that the USA cannot rely on Pakistan promises about its nuclear arsenal. It is going to stay in the region much beyond July 2011 for a period not known to any one. At one hand America is planning to root out Al-Qaida and today he categorically affirmed in his speech while reviving Noble Peace Reward of 2009 that if necessary he is opened to send more troops to continue and contain the war against Al-Qaida forces. In his recent inaugural speech, President Karzai categorically said that the national Afghanistan forces will only be able to undertake the security of the country from American hands only after 20 - 25 years.  July 11, 2011 is, thus, a fictitious time frame only for the home consumption of US citizens.


America is going to “stay” in Pakistan for an unlimited period of time. They have no control either over Taliban or Al-Qaida or over the mass resurgence of the people of these two countries.  The prolonging of stay of America and its Allied forces in Afghanistan and American occupancy of Pakistan will keep the masses agitated at an accelerated pace. It may result only in increase insurgency in Pakistan, rendering its nuclear arsenal “slipping” gradually in the hands of the USA or under the control of UN Agencies and keeping the country tied down with the opportunist secular leadership as “friends” of America with no interest to restore the inherent character of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This is the ultimate game plan of Jewish and Indian lobby in America and President Obama is only its tool. He has no opinion of his own except that of the vested people surrounding him.  Had he any, he could pursue it after his much publicized speech of June 3, 09 in Cairo.  He is surrounded by “Ahley Yahud and Ahley Hanud” and he is their mouthpiece.  


In the wake of this pitiable situation the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan have to fight their own battle of Survival for their ideology, national character and nuclear arsenal, seeking help only from the Lord of this cosmos Who is the best Planner. He can defuse the entire planning of our adversaries in no time provided we seek help only from Him. America cannot stay in the Region for long as it is already paying its high price about 300 billion Dollars every year with increasing national debt of trillions of Dollars. The foolish Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Occupancy of Pakistan are fast diminishing its supremacy in the community of nations.  History will curse both Bush and Obama for centuries together. Russia lost its supremacy after defeat in Afghanistan. The USA failed to learn any lesion from its contemporary power. So, it must suffer too in the same manner. The lesion of history is always harsh and hard to swallow for generations to come.


Shamim Siddiqi

December 10, 2009