[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The United States of America made its second preemptive attack on Iraq [the first was on Afghanistan] on the pretext that Saddam has piled up a devastating stock of the weapons of mass destruction [WMD] and has become a menacing danger for America and the world peace. Both Bush and Blair had blown up their so-called intelligent stock pile manifold to convince their respective people and mobilize the world opinion in their favor.  Both failed miserably and now the cat has come out of the bag. It was no more than a propaganda stunt or a hoax to pounce upon the oil rich Iraq and subjugate the heart of the Muslim lands for “good”.  Searching for about four months, after the fall of Iraq and with a team of 1100 technicians throughout Iraq, harnessing all the available material means and resources at their disposal in the “free” Iraq, the team has just announced through its interim report that there was no trace of WMD in any form or shape.


While the Britons are awaiting for the findings of Lord Hutton Inquiry Commission Report over the sad demise of Dr. David Kelly who inflicted a fatal self-suicidal attempt on his person and loosing confidence in the their Prime Minister, the Americans are equally skeptical of President Bush’s “assertive” statements and false pleas for his preemptive attack over Iraq in haste and without preparation to meet the after effects of the second Gulf War. With death toll rising in the armed skirmishes in Iraq, President Bush is desperately trying to mobilize world opinion to get the sanction of the Security Council for military help to deflate the pressure on American solders who are on active continuous duty in Iraq for more than 18 months and urging the members of the UN to chip financial contribution towards building funds for reconstructing Iraq. But the world opinion is jammed. Negative statements are being delivered by France, Germany, Russia, EU and many other countries. The positive statement of the Secretary General, Kofi Annan has hit the very root of the crisis caused by the Bush’s doctrine of preemptive attack as it was against the very fundamental principals of the UN Charter.       


Under such critical situation wherein the American solders are tired and exhausted toiling in the scorching heat of Iraq, world opinion is practically hostile, no country is willing to contribute its military might and share the financial burden, the G-7 are determined to take a “bit” over the loaf of Iraq, meeting the basic needs of the Iraqi people still a cry in the wilderness, the episode of Iraq is becoming a nightmare for Bush regime. His approval rating is fast dwindling. Democrats are “sharpening” their teeth and are gradually becoming hopeful to dash the dream of Bush to become a two-time president. The demand to get the pace of the transfer of power to Iraqi people is accelerating and in sequence Mr. Collin Powell has just asked the interim administration of Iraq under the control of Mr. Bremer to get the constitution for Iraq drafted within the next six months and hold elections next year.


Can the USA get it done and hand over the country to its truly elected representatives? Will the constitution framed by the “puppet” hand picked regime be acceptable to the people of Iraq? How different ideological differences will be reconciled through the provisions of the constitution? Will the secular genesis of the would-be constitution and the emergence of a secular system be acceptable to Islamic and die-hard Shiite religionists? In view of these issues, the statement of Collin Powell appears to be only a stunt to satisfy the protagonists of “early return” to democracy being urged by the European nations. Delivering a solemn acceptable constitution to the heterogeneous people of Iraq will not be easy till a political consciousness and a consolidated will is created in different sectors and regions of the country. The job is not as easy as has been announced by the Secretary of State of America. It would be a dilemma of great magnitude for President Bush to resolve in Iraq     


On the other hand both Democrats and Republicans are creating hitches in approving the 20 billions dollars towards the reconstruction of Iraq and pressing the Bush administration to give it as a loan recoverable later on from the oil proceeds of that country.  It appears that President will surrender to this demand where the USA is to loose nothing and the “vanquished” has to “suck” his own blood to get its “cheeks” replenished. Can there be any scenario worst tyrannical than this? Will the people of Iraq allow it to be happened? Will the anti-American forces or the “pockets” of resistance that are attacking our solders every now and then at will permit the free flow of oil to the ports of shipments? Will the paucity of funds at the disposal of the interim government not delay the reconstruction plan and thereby defer the meeting of the basic needs of the suffering Iraqis to a distant future? How long? Only God knows. Is it not the puzzle of “egg and chicken” – which comes first? If the oil does not flow from the oil fields, the development process will retard and suffer a serious set back. Equally, if the USA does not get the funds either from its won resources or from other countries satisfactorily and sufficiently, the reconstruction of Iraq will be shelved in cold storage. Will the vested interests that want to prolong the “occupation” of Iraq not create bottlenecks every now and then and enhance the magnitude of American dilemma?     


However, the real dilemma for America, in fact, lies else where. It is the Jewish lobby of the USA that is sitting in the White House, in the ministry of defense in Pentagon, in the Congress, in the four walls of administration and the media that has manipulated the situation of Iraq and “forced” the President to attack the land of Euphrates and Tigris and “occupy” it on different pretext and false alarms. Their game-plan was to prepare the ground for the Greater Israel and remove the potential and the most modern power of Iraq from the scene of the ME. Iraq was the “menacing threat” for Israel and its emergence as the dominant mini superpower of the region. That lobby is still “resting” there at its respective hide-outs. If Iraq becomes a normal developed and democratic country, the Zionists game of dominating the area will be nipped in the bud. President Bush or any other President sitting in the White House cannot dare to come out of the influence of these people. So, America perhaps will never be able to come out of Iraq even if its leadership may nurture good “wishes” to do so. This dilemma is likely to continue for a considerable long time. The USA, as appears, will be bogged down in Iraq and unfortunately will “bleed” for decades intermittently. If ever America would like to come out of Iraq, the most powerful Jewish lobby at home wouldn’t ever allow it to do so. The interest of Israel is predominant over every thing even at the cost of the security of America and its nationals. This has now become the paramount dilemma of America and it will perhaps never come out of it till doomsday. 



Shamim A Siddiqi

September 28, 2003