[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]




*  The Name of the Surah is derived form the Verse # 68


*  It was revealed during the end-period of Rasulullah (S) stay in Makkah


*  The Struggle for Iqamatuddeen was getting momentum: Both Abu Talib & Khadija ® had died; the tragic episode of Taif had occurred; Rasulullah (S) could enter into Makkah only under the protection of an idolater, Mutam bin Adi; Rasulullah (S) and his beloved companions were facing extremely difficult situation; trial and tribulation were rampant; only a ray of hope was slightly visible at the horizon from Madinah.


*  Under these hard condition, the Surah was revealed to Rasulullah (S) as warning to idolaters, describing/enlisting the innumerable bounties of Allah in self, around the world and of this cosmos, words of extreme consolation for the Prophet of Allah and his companions, suggesting a Roadmap for Iqamatuddeen to be trodden with Sabr, Hikmah and “Maozatul Hasna” – very encouraging Ayahs for that time, for us today and for all times to come for the brothers and sisters who are determined to fight for Allah’s Deen.    


* The end-result of the struggle between Haq and Batil must always be before us: The Haq succeeds and Batil evaporates. Don’t feel dejected due to ridiculing attitude of Kufr and Shirk. Allah is sufficient for us.


II.  Subjects/Topic/Themes of the Surah:


* The Surah begins with direct address to idolaters who were asking Rasulullah (S) time and again for the inevitable “Qayamah”: Allah says: Its is just at their head [Ata Amrullah falatastajeloon] what for they are making haste for it. Why they do not try to get the best use of this temporary respite?                                                       [Verse 1-9]


* Warning to Quraish, the arrogant of time; reasoning for Tawhid and describing the countless bounties of nature, pinpointing the compatibility and complete harmony that exist in all the animate and inanimate objects from heaven down to this earth: Clearly confirming that idolatry is wrong and the only Haq is Tawhid   


* Responding to all the allegations, objections, doubts and false pleas of the disbelievers one by one. Giving categorical ill effects of their arrogance and insistence against Haq;


* Presenting in contrast the character, the trustworthiness and the moral behavior that Islam was building in their midst in those who became the followers of Rasulullah (S), foretelling to the idolaters: what changes the belief in Allah and the accountability in Akhirah brings forward in the believers                                                          [10 – 83]


* Describe Allah’s tradition towards sending or appointing His messengers for mankind and to each people.                                                                                            [84 -90]


Brief description of the rest:


* Condemnation of Jews [91 -95]

* Those that remain steadfast, in spite of apposition, will get best reward [96-105]

* Pinpointing towards Hijrah [106-111]

* Warning to Quraish [112-117]

* What things were made Haram for Jews and what they made Haram for them [118-124]

* Roadmap of Dawah Ilallah for Rasulullah (S) and Muslim till doomsday [125-126]




* Ruku # 1


    Theme:  - Don’t be hasty for the inevitable;

                  - Tradition of Allah regards appointing His Messenger. It is in His discretion;

                  - Have fear of Allah who created this cosmos – Don’t male partners with Him

                  - Think over the creation of humans and animals – a great boon from Allah

                  - Allah is very kind and merciful – created means of transportation for past,

                     present and future too;

                  -  Only the straight pat goes to Allah, the rest are crooked.


Verse # 1:   “Ata Amrullah falatastajeloon”:

- Idolaters challenge to Rasulullah (S): why don’t you bring forth the

   punishment of Allah that you always threaten us with

- What is “Amrullah”? The promise that Allah made to His Messenger (S) for     

   the idolaters to be vanquished and to the Muslims to be victorious and the 

   Day of Judgment, all that is inevitable.

                  - Falatastajeloon”: So why you, the idolaters, are making haste for the  


                  - Subhanahu wa Taala amma Ushrekun”: Allah is above all what these

                     idolaters are attributing to Him or to His person. Indirect address, an

                     attitude of contempt towards idolaters, avoiding direct address to them.

Verse # 2   - Emphasis on Anzar [warning for Azab] not on Tabsheer [glad tidings]

                  - Fear Allah alone   

Verse # 3   - Bil-Haqq: Objective of the creation – This cosmos is not created in vain;

                     One day we all are to return back to Him and will be accountable for all our

                     actions and deeds; the confirmation of Akhirah after Tawhid.

                   - Message of all Prophets: SAME- Fear Allah and accountability in Akhirah 

                      & follow the Prophet of the time: [Ref: Al-Muminoon: 115] 

Verse # 4   - Look towards the origin of man and see how he is behaving: [Born by

                     butcher by bishop bread, how high he holds his haughty head]

                  - Idolaters were not ready to believe in Akhirah:  [Ref: Surah Qa’f: 3]

                  -  Allah has created everything for humans but they are worshiping others

Verse #5-8:  Allah is enumerating His bounties about animals and their different uses:

                     Food, clothing, housing, trade items, position, means of transportation

                     including projection of future means of space age 

                  - Your “Rabb” is very Kind and Merciful: recognize His rights as Sustainer

Verse # 9   - “Qasdul-sabeel”: Straight Path [SP]; He has shown SP to reach Him;

                  - “The Greatest Need of Man”: SP; Man begs for it [Q1: 6 – his/her prayer]

                  - “Wa Minha Jaerun”: humans have innovated many crocked ways- they are

                     lost in them and, as such, they don’t reach Him and SP is lost in their midst.

                  - OUR JOB: Both the paths are open before us – the choice is ours; We have

                     to follow the SP and invite others to it. It is our obligation; we have to do it


RUKU # 2:  Assertion of Tawhid:  There is complete harmony in this cosmos, showing

                     Only one God is managing it; compatibility in universe, confirming Creator,

                      Sustainer and Controller is one Allah [Tafawuq];

                   -  Look to His bounties: water and its use growing different fruits, vegetables;

                       creation of day and night; sun and moon; ocean and its various bounties:

                       fish meat, pearls & cobalt, shipping etc; rivers, mountains, stars -guidelines

                       for travelers; Allah’s bounties cannot be counted [la-tahsuha]  

                   -  Question: Can the Creator and who cannot create anything be equal? They

                       all dead and do not know: when they will be resurrected?

                   -  Open invitation to think: “yatafakkarun”; “Yaqeloon”; “Yazzakkarun” and

                       be thankful to Allah [Tashkurun] for His blessings. Allah is Ghafururahim.


RUKU # 3:   Your Lord is One, One who does not believe in Akhirah, he is arrogant;

                   - Qur’an was taken by idolaters as stories of past people [A’d Thamud, Saleh]

                      Asateer”- stories [of by-gone days]

                    - Consequences of misleading others in Akhirah: bearing there own sins

                       along with the burden of others’ sins

                    -  Allah knows everything, whether open or secret.


RUKU # 4:   The end-result of the people of the past who conspired against Haq for their

                      leadership: Qur’an has termed it as “Makr” [trick] punishment came for

                      them – Allah destroyed their “game-plan” and its roof fell on their head. It

                      came form the place of which they had no idea and punishment in Akhira

                      will be disgraceful on that day.

                   - They will be asked about the associates they were making with Allah for

                      whom they were fighting. All will be thrown in hellfire – a lesson for the

                      arrogants of today. They will meet the same fate as the idolaters of


                   -  Verses # 28-29 are the Ayah of Tazmeen [extra] to elucidate this concept.

                   - End-result of people doing good deeds: Paradise will be their reward [30-32]

                   -  Arrogants were not listening to Rasulullah (S) and will not listen till they

                       see the “Azab” as was the case with the previous Ummah. They were

                      ridiculing their Prophets. So, the Azab of Allah enveloped them. It was in

                      lieu of their misdeeds [Ayah 33-34]


RUKU # 5:  Lame-duck type excuses of idolaters as their ancestors were doing. The job

                    of the Prophet (S) was just to deliver the message. Whether accepted or not,

                    that was not his responsibility [35] So is the case with us too.

                  - Allah’s tradition [Sunnah] regarding appointing His Prophets: He had sent

                    Messengers to all the people with the message: “Be obedient to Allah and

                    shun away from Taghoot” [transgression] – Some accepted while some

                    rejected and fell to disgrace. Tour the world and see the condition of those

                    who denied the Messengers. [36]

                 - Address to Rasulullah (S): Howsoever you may have greed for guidance, he

                    will not get it if Allah does not guide him as guidance is given to those who  

                    seek guidance from Allah [37]

                 -  Idolaters swear: “who is dead will never be resurrected”. Allah confirms,

                    “definitely” [they all will be resurrected], but people don’t know [38]

                 -  The idolaters will be proved wrong about the concept of Akhirah. It is

                     inevitable. Allah will just say, “Be and its there” [39-40]


RUKU # 6: Hijrah in the way of Allah to protect Iman when oppression becomes

                   unbearable. Allah rewards them in both worlds. They had patience and

                   Tawakkal (dependence on Allah) [Ref. Also Ayah 100 of Al-Nisa], Every

                   thing they left behind for Allah’s sake [40-41] “Sabr & Tawakkal” are the

                   provision of Hijrah Ilallah. 

                - All the previous Prophets of Allah were humans with revelations from Him.

                   One can verify this fact from the people of Scriptures. To deliver and explain

                   to the people of your time so they ponder. [42 -44]

                - Those who are conspiring against the Messenger (S) are not worried at all if

                   they are sunk in the ground or a sudden Azab overcome them or caught while

                   walking. They cannot defeat Allah but He is very Kind and Merciful [45-47]

                -  Everything of this cosmos is physically is surrendering to Allah: Shadow of

                   everything is spread over the earth as if bowing down to Allah - all shadows

                   change to right or left but apposite to sun; nature of all animate and inanimate

                   objects is “Barahimi” i.e. Allah worshiping and angels are no exception to it –

                   so near to Allah they are but always are His most obedient [48-50]


RUKU # 7: Condemnation of Shirk in all its form - Arguments in favor of Tawhid:

                 - Allah is one, so fear Him alone; what is on earth and heaven belongs to Him

                   Do you fear others than Allah? [51-52]

                - All you have is a favor from Allah; In distress you call Him but when it is

                   removed, you become ungrateful, make partners with your Lord; Enjoy a

                   little of this world, you share His bounties with others who know nothing

                   what He gave you; By Allah, you will be accountable for all. [53-56]

                - You attribute daughters to Allah though He is above all; whereas one gets

                   the news of the birth of a daughter, he feels so disgusted and ashamed that

                   should he hide her alive with disgrace or buried her alive. This example is for

                   those who do not believe in Akhirah. Allah is all Powerful and Wise [57-60]  


RUKU # 8: Warning to Idolaters: They must take advantage of the respite that is now

                   available to them. Time is fixed. Cannot be differed when the appointed hour

                   would come.

                - If Allah would have caught them immediately when the crime is committed,

                   no human would have been left alive on earth. But Allah has already fixed

                   their end-time that in no way be advanced or differed. [60]

                - They designate to Allah that themselves do not like. They are lying. Their

                   permanent abode is hellfire. [61] 

                - Allah had sent Messengers before you. Devil became the guardian of those

                  people, adored their deeds and doomed them for good with horrible Azab

                  (punishment). [62-63]

                - This Book is revealed to you [O Muhammad] so that you explain it to them

                   clearly where they differ. It is guidance for those who believe. [64]

                -  [Don’t you see] Rainfall comes from sky. It resurrects dead land. In these are

                   the great signs for those who listen. [65]


[To be Continued]


 RUKU # 9: Now Allah (SWT) is describing His various bounties with an assertion that

                    to whom you can apportion them except Allah Then Allah consoles

                    Rasulullah (S) that these idolaters are pretending ignorance of this fact

                    knowingly. To bring them on right path is not your responsibility. You

                    deliver the message and your job is finished.

                  - In the animals, there is a lesson for you: You get delicious and pure milk in

                    between blood and cow dung [66]; from the date trees and grapes you

                    manufacture “drinks” that is rich food as well intoxicates –great signs for the

                    intellectuals [67]; Allah inspired honeybees to build their house in mountains

                    and trees, suck the glucose from different flowers/fruits and follow this path,

                    ejecting nectar of different colors from their inside, cure for humans. Signs

                    for the people who ponder [69];

                  - Look Allah created you, causes you death; and some of you reaches to the

                    age of senility when he forgets everything: Definitely Allah is powerful [70]


RUKU # 10: Distinctive signs of Allah continue:

                   - Allah has given distinction to one over the others in matter of Rizq: but they

                      never share it with their slaves so that they become equal partners. Why

                      then they share their thankfulness for Allah’s favor with others [71]

                    - It is Allah who created spouses from your specie, graced you with sons and

                      grand sons and best of provision, even then, you deny the bounties of

                      Allah, believe in the Batil and, setting aside Allah, worship those who

                      cannot provide Rizq either from sky or from earth nor they are empower to

                      do so; so don’t deal with Allah on the lines you deal with other [people of

                      the earth]. Verily, Allah knows and you do not know. [72-74]

                   - Allah (SWT) gives an example (in this respect): There is a slave owned by

                     someone and has no authority on any thing and another one whom I have

                     bestowed upon best of provision and he is expending it both openly and

                     secretly – can these two be at par? Alhamdulillah, [they cannot be at par] but 

                     most of the people do not understand. [75]

                   - Allah (SWT) gives another example. There are two persons: one is deaf and

                     dumb and good for nothing and is a constant burden on his master; wherever

                     he is sent [by his master for any errand], he returns empty handed; the other

                     one ordains justice and is steadfast on righteousness: Are these two at par?



RUKU # 11: It is Allah Who knows the secrets of earth and heaven and the happening of

                     Qayamah would take place within twinkling of an eye and even faster than

                     that; every thing lies within the power and domain of Allah. [77]  

                   - [See] When you were born from your mother’s womb, you knew nothing

                     [totally ignorant]; He then gave you ears, eyes and heart [to think] so that

                     you be grateful to Him, [78]

                   - Have they not seen the birds [flying in the sky]? Who is holding them

                     except Allah? These are signs for the believers. [79]

                   - [Continuation of the bounties of Allah] Allah has made your homes as

                     abode of peace; and out of the animals skins, hair [wool] you made homes

                     (tents) that you used for traveling, cloths, and many other thing for use in

                      life [80] 

                   - Out of His bounties, He provides shade for you, caves in mountains and

                     dresses that protect you from heat and other garments that protect you in

                     your wars; this way He complete His favors so that you become grateful to

                     Him [81]; But [if In spite of these favors] they turn their faces against you

                     [do not listen you message], you have no other responsibility except to

                     deliver the message [82]; they recognize Allah’s favor and then deny it,

                     most of them are ungrateful [83]  


RUKU # 12: [They have no idea what will happen] on that day when one witness will be

                     raised from each people and they will not be given any chance to argue or

                     express repentance [85]

                   - When the oppressors will see the punishment, it would never be reduced

                     in addition, there will be no respite from them [86]; and when the idolaters

                     will see

                     whom they were making associates (with Allah) say: “O our Lord! These

                     are the partners whom we were calling beside You”, they will respond,

                     “You are the liars” [86]; {at that time}, they all will surrender to Allah and

                     all there “innovations” will stand nowhere; [87];   

                  - Those who deny the authority of Allah and block the way to Allah from

                     others, they will be inflicted with a continuous punishment for the 

                     transgression they caused (on earth) [88]

                  - [O Muhammad!] Warn them about the day when We will raise witness from

                    each Ummah within themselves and bring forward you as witness over the

                   them; [and in preparation of that stage] We have revealed this Book to you

                   that describes everything clearly in detail and is Guidance, mercy and glad

                   tidings for those who surrender (to Allah) [89]


RUKU # 13: [Now Allah (SWT) is elucidating the fundamentals to streamline the human

                    society in a balance format]:

                  - Allah ordains [to stand] for Justice; Beneficence and benevolent to blood

                     relation and prohibits you from [committing] acts of shame, oppression and

                     rebellion; Allah admonishes you to remember Him. [90]; and fulfill your

                     commitment when you make it, and don’t break your oaths after making

                     them firm when you have made Allah as witness upon you; Allah is well

                     aware of all of your actions and deeds. [91]

                   -You don’t behave like a lady who manufactures thread by her hands and

                     then breaks it into pieces; you make your swearing as means of deceiving

                    amongst yourselves so that a people excels over the other in striking profit;

                    whereas Allah puts you on trial through these [commitment] and definitely

                    He will describe your differences on the Day of Judgment. [92] 

                  - If Allah would have willed, He could transform all of you into one single

                    Ummah; but He puts on the path of righteousness whom He prefers and

                    causes him to go to astray whom he chooses; and you all will definitely be

                    questioned for what you do (on this earth) [93]

                  - [O the believers!] Don’t make your oaths a deceit between you, lest a foot

                    should slip after firmly planted and you taste evil for barring the people from

                    the path of Allah and you get an awful doom. [94]

                  - And purchase not a small gain at the price of Allah’s covenant; what Allah

                    has is better for you, if you did know that. [95] Whatever is with you is to be

                    expended and what is with Allah will remain [available to you] and Allah 

                    will definitely reward the best who have patience and in accordance to their

                    deeds. [96] 

                  - Whosoever does good deeds, irrespective of the fact whether it is man or

                    woman and [the only condition] he/she is a Mumin, he/she will be given an

                    honest living on earth and the best reward for what they were doing (on

                    earth). [97]

                 - [S0] When you recite the Qur’an, seek refuge of Allah from devil [98]. He

                    [the devil] has no control over those who are the believers and depend on

                    their Sustainer [99]. He [the devil] dominates over those who make him as

                    their guardian and who commit shirk [on his instigation]. [100]


RUKU # 14: When Allah replaces one verse with another and Allah knows what He

                    should reveal [and what not], these people say, “ You have invented it by

                    yourself”; in reality, most of them do not know the truth. [101]

                  - ]O Muhammad (S)] You tell them that your Lord had sent it to me through

                    the Arch Angel in gradual process so that it strengthens the Iman of the  

                    believers, [shows] guidance to the believers with glad tidings. [102]

                  - We know what are uttering about you that there is person who teaches you

                    whereas [whom they are referring] he is Ajami (non-Arab) and this (Qur’an)

                   is in perfect Arabic. [103]

                - In fact, those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, Allah never gives them

                  Tawfeeq to get guidance and they are doomed for grave punishment. [104]

                - [Allah does not create lie] Lie is coined by those who do not believe in the

                  signs of Allah; they are the lairs. [105]

                - One who denies Allah, except he is forced to do, and his heart is contented

                  with Iman [then it is OK] but if he accepts Kufr with consent of heart, Allah’s

                  curse will be upon them and they a re doomed with grave punishment, [106]

                - It is so, because, they preferred the life of this world to the Akhirah. Allah

                  never guides those who are ungrateful (to Him). [107]

                -They are those people whose heart, ears and eyes have been sealed by Allah

                  and they are lost as heedless. [108] Assuredly, they will be the losers in

                  Akhirah. [109]. (Contrary to it) Those who were tortured, left their home and

                  heath and have patience, for them your Lord is very kind and merciful. [110]    


RUKU # 15: On that day when every soul will come pleading for itself, and every soul

                  will be repaid what it did and no wrong will be done with them. {111]

                - Allah is giving the example of a habitation. They were leading a contented

                   life, getting Rizq in abundance from all side, started denying Allah’s favor.

                   [In turn], Allah engulfed them with hunger and fear because of what they

                   were doing. [112]

                - A messenger of Allah came from amongst them but they rejected him, the

                   punishment of Allah overpowered them; they were the oppressors. [113]

                - So eat of the lawful and good food that Allah has provided, thanks Allah’s

                   bounties if you really worship Him. [114]

                - That Allah has forbidden for you, it is only carrion, blood, and swine-flesh

                   and that had been immolated in the name of any other than Allah; but he who

                   has been driven thereto, neither craving not transgressing then Allah is the

                   Forgiver and Merciful. [115]

                - And speak not, concerning that which your own tongues qualify [as clean or

                   unclean] the falsehood: “This is lawful and this is forbidden.” Those who

                   invent a lie against Allah, will not succeed. [116] A brief enjoyment [will be

                   theirs] and theirs is a painful doom for them. [117]

                - And unto Jews, we had forbidden that which I have already related to you.

                  We did not do any wrong to them but they were themselves the oppressors.

                  [118]. Then those who did wrong out of ignorance and afterward repent and

                  amend [their ways], your Lord [after this Islah] is indeed forgiver and

                  Merciful. [119]


RUKU # 16: Definitely, Abraham (AS) was in himself an Ummah – obedient to Allah,

                  upright and was never an idolater. [120]. Was ever-thankful to Allah’s favors;

                  Allah chose him and guided him to straight path. [121]. We gave him good in

                  this world and in Akhirah he will be from amongst the righteous. [122]

                - Then We inspired you, O Muhammad (S): follow the Deen of Abraham and

                   he was from the idolaters, [123]

                -  As regards Sabbath, it was imposed on those who differed in its directives;

                  and definitely, your Lord resolves their differences on the Day of Judgment.


                -Directives from Allah to Prophet Muhammad (S) and his companions

                  towards fulfilling the obligation of spreading His Deen and establishing

                  His authority on this earth – the Roadmap for a Da’ee Ilallah and a set

                  discipline to follow strictly in that pursuit [valid for all times]:

                -  Call unto the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation and reason

                  with them in the manner it is the best. Your Lord knows better of him who

                  keeps away from His way and is best aware of those who go aright. [125]

               -  If you take revenge, then limit it to the extent you were afflicted. But if you

                  endure; it would be good for the patient. [126]

               -  [O Muhammad (S)] Have patience; Endurance is possible only with the help

                  of Allah. Grieve not for them and be not in distress because of what they

                  devise. [127] 

               - Allah is with those who are Allah conscious [fear Allah] and those who are

                 doers of good (Mohseneen) [128]


NOTE: These last four Ayah of Surah Al-Nahal are to be memorized by each one of us  as guidelines of out struggle for Iqamatuddeen.


May Allah give us Tawfeeq to be worthy of these directives in our day-to-day life.



Shamim A Siddiqi

March 28, 2004



















In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful



[In the light of Verses 125 -128 of Surah Al-Nahal]


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Explanation of the Verses:

V. 125:  Udwu ila sabeel-e-Rabbeka [You call the people to way of your Lord -  

                Sustainer}: Direct address to Rasulullah *S) in imperative mood and to Ummah 

               through him (S); a common directive for Muslims – a life long pursuit

             - Bil Hikmah with wisdom: time, place, individual state of mind, Edu. status; in

               gradual stages; starting from common denomination; [Ref: Methodology]

             - wal Mauzatul Hasna: selection of understandable topic, soft-spoken words;

               tone; politeness; no animosity, No aggressiveness; love& concern; no heated 

               discussion; simple style, creating lasting impression on him/her that you are

               his/her well-wisher, always leaving the chance to come back

            - wa Jadilhum billati heya ahsan: In case of difference, be polite, argue with

              fine ways of talking

            - Allah knows who will get the guidance and who will go astray: guidance comes

              from Allah alone; it comes only who seek it from Him; it is in Allah’s

              Knowledge who will get it and who will not.


V. 126: If you resolve to punish your opponents, and then punish them only to the extent they have caused damage to you; but if you prefer to have patience [Sabr on their opposition] it would be better for the Sabreen [one who faces it with Sabr]


V.  127: Endure it with patience and [You know] your patience [Sabr] is [possible] only from Allah [“wa ma sabaruka illa billah”]:

- “Wa-la-tahzan alaihim”: [Have no grief for them]

- “Wa la-taku fi zaiqin mimma yamkroon”: Grieve not for them and be not in distress because of what they devise:


 Explanatory Note: Muslims should not feel disheartened over the anti-Muslim activities of the Batil; They  are there to harass Muslims but we have bear it with Sabr and go on building the qualities of Sabr and perseverance in our character. We should not become reactionaries and waste our energies but concentrate over our mission without any deviation to any side. Batil will always be prepared to involve us in reactionary activities so that we forget our mission. What we see around us is just the game of “action and reaction” in the Muslim world. We are playing the game of Batil, forgetting our mission and its positive game plan of Dawah Ilallah and, hence we are no where.


V. 128: Allah is with those who are Allah conscious [fear Allah] and those who are doers of good – Mohseneen:

- Fear Allah:  Ref: Ayah Al-Birr [Al-Baqarah -177]

- Mohseneen: Ref: Al-Ankabut – Verse 69: The highest order in Islamic order and closest place to Allah. Allah love Mohseneen.

- Who are the Mohseneen? “Ehsan” [Ref: Hadith-e-Jibreel} If you cannot see Allah, at least think: Allah is watching you – You are in His constant vigilance




Following is the Inherent Message of these Verses:


Through these Verses, Allah (SWT) has prescribed a Roadmap for Muslim Ummah in a very precise and concise way, spelling out the program to establish the authority of Allah - His Deen, in this world on the following lines:


1. Inviting the people of the time to the fold of Allah with Hikmah and “Mauezatul Hasna” [Dawah, organization and Tarbiyah are the integral part of this process] on regular and constant basis. [All these terminologies have been explained above]


2. Carrying out the job entrusted with Sabr. With no retaliation under any circumstances;


3. Creating in its wake an effective team of Da’ees and mass sympathy in the face of stiff opposition from the vested interests of the time.


4. Preparing, its own field and inviting/attracting Batil to play in it, letting loose the onslaught of trial and tribulation and providing the basic opportunity to Da’ees to polish their character and develop intrinsic values in his or her life;


5.  Making Batil furious to comes time and again and attack the followers of Islam both on individual and collective levels, striking its head with the character and solidarity of organized Muslims Jamaah that fears Allah alone, getting the Batil exhausted as it became after the Battle of Trenches and succumbed to the forces of Haq with the Treaty of Hudaibiyah;


6.  Thus, Islam prepares its own playground and invites the Batil to play in it. In this process, Islam does not react to the plans of Batil, does not “react” to the conspiracies of Kufr and Shirk but carries out its mission in augmenting the number of its followers, building character of Mohseneen, ultimately defeating the forces of Batil at every place: Subsequently, Makkah was conquered, Idolaters of Arabian Peninsula surrendered, Ahlul Kitab [people of scriptures] accepted the authority of Islam by paying Jaziyah and becoming “sagheroon” [lower in strata].   


7. The Roadmap: Dawah, Organization, Tarbiyah [Training], Peaceful Resistance, Hijrah and Qital to remove the diehard apposition at the end if any left. Through this process, the Prophet (S) of Allah established the Deen of Allah in his time and through the same process we can do it today. In fact, Muslims prepare their own ground and Batil comes to crush it but in consequence, Batil crushed its own head and Haq becomes dominant working through the provisions of the Roadmap as Allah ordains: Have patience, have no grief for the Batil and don’t care for the conspiracies that they hatch against the Muslim Ummah. [Verse 127]. Your Character bearing Taqwah and the role model of a Muhsin will prevail ultimately as Allah showers His blessings on them [Verse 128]


8. However, unfortunately, Muslims have left this role and the position of inviting Batil to play in its playground long ago. Rather, we are playing on the turf of Batil forces, leaving our ground far behind. Batil is creating problems day in and day out and we are just busy as Ummah at each level to “react” against each action of Batil and are wasting our energy, talents and resources with the result that the real task of calling the humans to the fold of Allah is neglected or is not being carried out to its logical conclusion.


9.  As a result, we the Muslims have become only “reactionary” people and have lost every thing in this foolish pursuit. Batil is happy that it has deviated us and deprived us unconsciously with our weapons of Dawah with Hikmah, Sabr and building the character of Mohseneen.


10. Conclusion: If we stop to react today, do our job of Dawah Ilallah that is assigned to us as top priority of our life, “closed” our eyes “knowingly” from the game plans of secular and liberal world, understanding clearly that we cannot solve any of the problems that are being created by these evil forces at home and abroad, except working through the Roadmap that Allah (SWT) has envisaged for this Ummah in these four comprehensive concluding Verses of Surah al-Nahal. This is the concise and very precise message that Muslims must draw from these Verses to defeat the Batil all around and salvage the fate of Ummah to brighter future.


May Allah give us Tawfeeq to be worthy of these Verses and give us courage and vision to plan and work accordingly. O Allah! Give us Tawfeeq to prepare our own playground and invite Batil to come and play in it and get its head “crashed” as Qur’an ordains in Verse #18 of Surah Al-Ambiyah: “fa-Iza-huwa Zahequn” [It is destined to be evaporated]



Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                                

September 3, 2004