In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




The world will perhaps never see again a president in Whitehouse like Mr. Bush. He is never tired of repeating his foolish arguments for the blunders and atrocities that he had committed in attacking Iraq on flimsy and concocted grounds by creating the false slogan of possessing the Weapons of Mass Destruction by IRAQ. He has symbolized this fake war hysteria in his catchword: “War on Terrorism.” He and his henchmen are “capitalizing” the tragic incident of September11, 2001 for their conservative agenda to create the New World Order. He has justified his war against Iraq and its occupation by the Allied forces again in his speech on Veteran Day, November 11, in Washington and repeated all the same self-fabricated arguments to justify his preemptive attack on Iraq. He has the audacity to condemn the “poor” 100 democrats who supported the war on Iraq in the early stages when the tempo against WMD was in full swing and the entire country was made to believe that Saddam is “holding” fast ties and very menacing links with Al-Qaida. However, it came to light subsequently that nothing else could be farther from the truth than these false propaganda stunts.   


President bush thinks that his people and the entire world is inhabited by fools who do not understand his game plan, who cannot envision the team of vested interests at his back and are benefiting or likely to benefit during the years and decades to come. His “honest” intention that he repeatedly expressed many a times is to restore democracy and human rights in the “occupied” lands of Iraq and Afghanistan and then fill the entire region with its Barakah [blessings].He is repeating these sentiments time and again in a parrot like fashion.


This is another ignorance of President Bush. He has no idea what he is talking and with whom? The region is predominantly inhabited by Muslims. They believe in one God, one prophet, one Deen and one well-organized system of life that is the superior most over all the other systems. Islam introduced the charter of human freedom and liberties when Europe was still wandering in dark ages. The first “Magna Charta” of human rights was delivered to mankind in 632 AD when Rasulullah (S) delivered the Sermon of the Mountain at Mina/Arafat during the process of his (S) last Hajj. Islam did practiced all the formats of election while electing their Khulfah-e-Rashedin [the first four rightly guided Caliphs] This shows how ignorant President Bush is of the history and the psychology of the people of the region where Bush wants to introduce  a much inferior political concept of  western democracy that is full of its own inherent shortcomings. It must be clear to him that Muslim will never accept his concept of democracy when they do posses every thing far superior than what he is offering.


If he is really sincere to Muslims as he is “posing”, he should just withdraw his support to undemocratic regimes of the Muslim world and the Muslims will take care of themselves, restore the perfect system of Shurah which is more democratic than the parliamentary system of Europe and America. Human rights will be restored automatically in its wake. He must understand that Muslims believing and aspiring for the Islamic system of government will never reconcile with the western formats, howsoever, Bush may try for it through all kinds of intimidation, force and enticements. His puppet governments are good for nothing. They carry no trust either in Afghanistan or in Iraq. Once the tutelage of “foreign” domination is withdrawn, they will be overthrown.


But the problem lies with President Bush. He like a blind-man who has lost the sense of his environment and the sense of direction too is busy in his own “blindfolded” world and goes on repeating his “version” of the state of affairs that was “dictated” to him by the people around him. He has developed the habit of beating around the “bush” as and when he gets the chance to speak his “closed” mind. He repeats his same rhetorics and media echoes it.


The question arises as how long this great country would tolerate this “dangerous” situation where the USA is fast loosing its friends and creating only hate and critics at home and abroad. Only today President Bush’s best ally and friend Tony Blair of UK has announced that he is likely to withdraw British forces from Iraq by the end of 2006. The entire backyard of the USA is in revolt and in his on-going tour he is visiting Mongolia just to thank its government for its microscopic support of 127 armed men in Iraq.  What a pitiable condition we have reached in our foreign relation where the only criteria of friendship is as to whether a country stands by his side in his false war on terrorism or not. Both the home and foreign policies of the country are in turmoil and are at high risk. The sooner they are transferred to saner hands the better it would be.



Shamim Siddiqi                                                                                                                                                                                                                       November 15, 2005