[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Human history cannot produce a single event of so far-reaching consequences as that of the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  It destroyed the monumental area of down town Manhattan, NY. It killed about 3000 innocent humans within an hour or so. It ruptured the pride of the mightiest power on earth. In effect, it ruined the economy of the airline industry. Its political ramifications are beyond the limits of our reflection. National behavior of different nations has taken a drastic change. The criterion of friendship and enmity are being re-set by the US at international level based on an unrealistic approach that who supports the anti-terrorist policies of President Bush and who opposes or adopts a neutral role. The most revered human values and ethical standards that America cherishes most and champions have become meaningless at the so-called “alter of terrorism”. But the greatest tragedy of this horrible event is this that no body knows or is definite: who has done it and why?    


Since then, a year has passed, but this tragedy is still shrouded in mystery with only allegations, doubts and unbelievably concocted “after-thought stories”. The details are being filled with after-effect thoughts and dug out disjointed circumstances and clumsy rough-shots. Within a few hours of this mishap, President Bush pointed his fingers towards Bin Laden and his temporary shelter, Afghanistan. The most democratic country of the world, the US and the most cherished government of law, was alleging a crime against a people without any justification and establishing the truth through any judicial process, inquiry or verification, either by the Supreme Court of the US or through International court of Justice at Hague or both. It was a clear proclamation by the only superpower of the time that: ‘might is right’. The national press and media immediately went on adding fuel to the power of miss-propaganda against the “alleged criminals”. In its wake all the principles of justice and fair play succumbed at the threshold of the Capital building from where they originated in the modern world.


 I personally contributed a detailed article in this respect on November 3, 2001 under the caption: “The Tragedy of Sept 11”, suggesting the measures that the US could have taken to ascertain the truth as who is to be blamed or who has done it? [It is now available on my website:] Thousands of innocent lives have been lost in occupying Afghanistan, smashing down the super structure of Taliban and destroying the infra structure of Afghanistan in its wake. The process of “routing out” the Al-Qaida and its adherents and hunting out or the chasing campaign against Omar and Laden in adjacent countries like Pakistan and elsewhere in the world is going on unabated. The witch-hunt campaign is in progress on whimsical grounds based on fiction and not on ascertained facts or having any knowledge: who has done it and where he is?  Thousands of innocent Muslims are being tortured and given inhuman treatment in the USA and elsewhere in the world against all the cannon of justice simply on presumption, willful allegations and supposition on flimsy grounds. The oppressive hands of today, sitting in the Whitehouse or at 10 Downing Street or in Tel Aviv or in the Red Fort at Delhi can hide the truth under the disguise of highhandedness and political maneuverings but tomorrow history will give its verdict against the tyrants of today and it would be very harsh.


Sometimes it appears that it was a preplanned attack on Muslims and Islam to hide the name of the perpetrators [those who actually committed the crime] and flash the name of Islam and Muslims knowingly and wittingly in order to curb its growth in the West, especially in America where Muslims were fast growing to overlap the political influence of the Jews simply by their numerical voting strategy within a few years time and destroying the possibility of emergence of Islam anywhere in the world as a political entity at the same time. The “trio” of the White House has practically achieved both the goals within a short time of a year or so. But in the long run all the kingpins of this game will be the greatest losers as this world and its affairs are run not by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield axis but by the Mightiest Power of God, who knows very well who has done it, where the conspiracy was hatched and by whom?  I am more than sure the Muslims will come out on that day with flying colors and the ‘paramount conspirators’ against Islam and Muslim Ummah will stand disgraceful and humiliated, the way they are humiliating the Muslims both in the US and abroad through their henchmen-regimes.


That day is not far off. In fact, had the Muslims done their home work as ordained by Allah to stand as Da’ee Ilallah, calling the people of the land to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer, demonstrating the beauty of their character through caring, loving and helping their neighbors and serving the suffering humanity through humanitarian services, the situation around the world and in the US would have been quite different. They would have exposed the dishonesty of the prejudiced press that the Muslims are quite different than what they are depicting day and night through their print and electronic media. The challenge is still wide open for the Muslim leadership to encounter forthwith.


This country belongs to all, mostly the immigrants - Muslims, Christians, Jews alike. In fact Muslims were the first to habitat and rehabilitate this country through their blood, sweat and toils when they were brought over here under bondage. All the crews of Columbus were the Berber Muslims of North Africa.  Henry Ford in his famous book  “International Zionism” has acknowledged these facts. Muslim’s share in the growth and development of the USA is equal if not less than other communities. The chronology of the “Roots” also confirms these facts. The Government of the US has to recognize this hard fact one day. This demand is already in the air and the four corners of Washington DC are echoing with it. Hence the persons like John Ashcroft should read the writings on the wall.  He must desist and stop right away from his inhuman behavior, raising concocted unproven allegations and growing atrocities that he has let lose on the innocent Muslims in America and abroad [They all are innocent unless their guilt is proved in a court of law].


All these accumulated oppressive acts that are being perpetuated against Muslims and Islam are creating and promoting hate and contempt against our system and the people of the land. The “Trio” hiding its face in the Whitehouse, has put the future of our sons and daughters at stake. They are committing crimes against Humanity and the peace loving community of Muslims and attributing a charge of “terrorism” that is beyond the wildest imagination of a Muslim, what to say of committing it. There should be another Nuremberg Trial of these crimes against humanity. In fact these ‘power-drunk’ brothers are totally ignorant of Islam and repeating parrot like allegations against Muslims which are being coined, phrased and hurled upon Islam and Muslims by the vested interests, Zealot missionaries and International Zionism that is controlling the media and the so-called ‘intellectual groups” of this country. In fact they are not the friends of this country and its people at all. One day this game is bound to expose as oppression on innocent people cannot last long and equally, God abhors it. One day these incessant chains of “tragedies” that are being perpetrated on Muslims will, Insha Allah, stand vacated.


The Tragedy of September 11 is no doubt enormous and is one of the most regrettable event of human history but the killing and criminally assassinating the peaceful character of Muslims by the so-called “friends of humanity” and the Executive organ of the State is rather, more tragic as it has no footing and is totally full of injustices in and out.  May God save America from the clutches of these tyrants who are torpedoing the future of the beautiful and innocent people of the US and are occupying the Whitehouse without the least fearing that one day they all will be accountable of their nefarious game? The game of this “unholy alliance” that is being further augmented by another “dead power” of history, called UK, must come to an end lest it becomes too late.


It is an open challenge to the majestic people of the USA. They will have to encounter it with courage and fortitude and see that they and their children’s future are well protected and that it does not come in “clash” with another Abrahamic faith. People at the helm of affairs, both in the US and UK, are fast heading towards the fulfillment of the concept of “clash of civilization”. God forbid. If this process is not stopped forthwith and is permitted inching towards that end, it would be the greatest tragedy of human history. May God save us from that catastrophic end!




Shamim A Siddiqi

Dated September 9, 2002